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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

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Welcome to All Saints Catholic Academy
Patty Bajek
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Welcome to All Saints Catholic Academy

On November 1, 2021, we celebrated All Saints' Day.  On our feast day, we celebrated the Saints and All Saints Catholic Academy, and spent the day interacting with our school parents, grandparents, alumni, staff, faculty, benefactors and friends of ASCA  on our 1st Annual All Saints Catholic Academy Day of Giving. 


It is all of you who make All Saints Catholic Academy a place that is special. 


Check out our social media platforms - Facebook, Instagram and Twitterto see what happened at the Day of Giving party! 


It is not too late to make a donation - Click here.   Thank you for your support of our first All Saints Catholic Academy Day of Giving.   



Parent Testimonial from the Brock Family

We hear or see the phrase "there's no place like home" often and it's something that I've repeated to myself countless times over this past year.  Our family considers All Saints Catholic Academy a home for us and we are so grateful to be back.


Our journey started in 2012 when we enrolled our oldest son in the Pre-K program at ASCA.  We had heard great things about the teachers and the hours worked well for our schedules so it seemed like a good fit.  After only a short while, we realized that God had led us to ASCA as we were amazed at the quality, faith- filled instruction.  


When making the decision on where to send our son for kindergarten, we chose to continue at All Saints but also saw benefit in the Naperville school districts.  Both my husband and I grew up in District 203 (we even met at Naperville Central) so there was some allegiance to the public schools and we knew the education our children would receive there would be great as well.


We ended up choosing public school the year following.  We felt like we gave our boys a great faith foundation at home and that they would have more resources in the public school.  The boys did well in 203 schools but there was always a little tug each time I would think about ASCA, drive by the campus, or speak with friends whose children attended there.


In 2020, all of us experienced the unexpected when we were thrust into the unknown of a pandemic and, for our family, it made us stop and think about the most important things in our lives.  The tug to go back to ASCA became stronger and having our children's education be filled with faith and a strong community became as important as anything.


That question was confirmation that we were following God's will for our children.  We consider it a true gift that our children are surrounded by a solid, challenging curriculum all while feeling the power and guidance of their faith.  


We do not regret our time in the public schools and understand that everything has a season. Our call back "home" brought us the realization that there is nothing like the confidence in dropping your children off every morning at a place so committed to their full being- mind, heart, and soul.


Michael and Jessica Brock
Luke (ASCA Class of 2022) and JP (ASCA Class of 2024)




Support All Saints Catholic Academy

Thank you for YOUR support of All Saints Catholic Academy.  This year, we celebrated 16 years of academic excellence grounded in faith and tradition with our All Saints family, alumni, friends and benefactors, whom we thank for your constant prayers and financial support.   We look forward to a robust and successful 2021-2022 school year.  

A contribution to the 2020 - 2021 Annual Fund Appeal will be instrumental in:  

  • making a Catholic education more affordable to families in our community 
  • keeping All Saints competitive from a cost perspective
  • generating scholarship assistance for those who are making sacrifices to afford an All Saints education, but need help to bridge the gap. 

To contribute, please click here.  

May God continue to richly bless you during these challenging times.   We are grateful, and thank you for supporting the students of All Saints, and Catholic education.  We are all 'saints in the making'.   


All Saints Catholic Academy is OPEN FOR BUSINESS.   We thank you so much for your interest in All Saints.    All Saints Catholic Academy is beyond thrilled to have safely welcomed back our preschool - grade 8 students to school for the 2020-2021 school year!   We are humbled to have completed a complete year of 5 day, full day, continuous in person instruction at all grade levels, interrupted only by 2 snow days. 


  • Click here to view Diocesan FAQ's Regarding Reopening
  • Click here to view the Covid Return to School Guidance Flyer


ASCA Mathletes

At All Saints, our students are well known for their prowess in the area of mathmatics.  To read more about the success of our 'mathletes', and 8th grade student, Michael Budd, please click here.  

We invite you to find out more about All Saints Catholic Academy, one of the premier schools in the western suburbs, where academic excellence, and values based character building.  

At All Saints Catholic Academy, lifelong memories and friendships are made and cherished.  


The All Saints Catholic Academy Mission is to develop future leaders who are formed by academic excellence, service to others, and respect for all in a Christ-centered community.  ​ALL ARE WELCOME at All Saints.  We celebrate and cherish our diversity.  We hope that you can see your student and family here at All Saints.  


All Saints Catholic Academy offers small classroom instruction (with two to three sections at every grade level - K - 8) superior academics, and superb preparation for high school and beyond.  Our Growing Saints Early Childhood Academy preschool program offers parents of three and four year old students flexibility and choice in putting together their child's schedule.


 Please click here to hear more about the All Saints Parent Association (ASPA).


Every Child Deserves a Great Educational Foundation on Which to Build




Our Growing Saints Early Childhood Academy preschool program offers parents of three and four year old students flexibility and choice in putting together their child's schedule. We offer the following for three and four year olds -  

  • Excellent, challenging academics - Our preschool curriculum includes Everyday Math (University of Chicago), World of Wonders Language Arts (McGraw Hill), Handwriting without Tears
  • A wide variety of activities that include art, Spanish enrichment, music and physical education.
  • Character, virtues building and faith formation in an elementary school setting with degreed and certified educators.
  • End to end education and care that includes full and half days, and extended care.
  • Large, bright and colorful classrooms.  Full playground with padded surface.
  • Opportunities for free and creative play and social-emotional development.

Our preschool offers robust academics in a true school setting, taught by certified teachers, with art, Spanish enrichment, music and physical education, and character/virtues building and faith formation.  Find out more by contacting us TODAY!



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