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Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Registering for ASCA

Why Choose All Saints - Hear Why From One of Our Students


My name is Lucas Ling and I am a 6th Grader at All Saints Catholic Academy.  I have been a student at All Saints for 7 years and I would like to tell you what makes All Saints such a great school.
One of my favorite weekly activities is meeting with my 1st Grade faith buddy.  We attend our school mass together each Friday and then participate in faith related activities together in the classroom.  I enjoy spending time with my 1st Grade partner each week.  The teachers at All Saints make learning fun and exciting.  Whether it’s the Academic Olympics in History, coding robots in the STEAM lab, or only speaking Spanish while in Senora’s classroom, I feel challenged each and every day
Even though it’s my school, All Saints seems more like a family to me.  When I am walking the halls, I am often greeted with a smile and my name by either my principal, fellow student, parent volunteer or former teacher.  While I’m at school, All Saints feels like my home away from home.
We would love for you to join our All Saints family.


We welcome you, and we'll be with you each step of the way as you discern this important decision for your child(ren) and family ......


Ask Yourself, What Kind of Education Would You Like for Your Child?   

We are living at a time where there appears to be so much division in our society. If we are looking for reasons to separate ourselves from one another, there will be polarization and disagreement. Division, however, is not the prism through which God sees His beloved children.


At All Saints, we believe that we see God in all people and that we are called to love one another. We are committed to fostering an inclusive community in which each person feels a sense of value and belonging, and where our diversity recognized and celebrated.


One of the primary reasons that parents give for sending their children to a Catholic school is academic excellence, and All Saints is no exception.  Three out of four All Saints graduates choose to continue their education at a Catholic high school where an entrance exam is required.  The All Saints faculty works tirelessly toward preparing their students for the academic rigors of ASCA and beyond.  Current year standardized test scores show our 4th- 8th grade students all testing beyond grade level in both ELA and Math. 


Equally if not more important to parents is the emphasis on Catholic morals and values, healthy social relationships, and a supportive, nurturing and safe environment.  Students are expected to accept responsibility for their actions, to respect others and to make good decisions in the context of their faith experience. With Christ as our model – the goal of a Catholic education is to help children mature into Christ-like people.


If you are wondering why you might choose a Catholic school for your child, the real question might be, What do I want for my child?” The likely answer is “a Catholic school education.”


All Saints is a Diocese of Joliet regional Catholic elementary school established in 2005, and proudly affiliated with and supported by the following parishes:  St. Elizabeth Seton, St. Margaret Mary, St. Thomas the Apostle, Our Lady of Mercy, and Holy Spirit Catholic Church.

 At All Saints, All Are Welcome!


Questions?  Contact Patty Bajek at (630) 961-6125, or

Registration for the 2023-2024 School Year


Welcome New Families!

Welcome to All Saints Catholic Academy, and thank you for your interest.  We are so proud of All Saints.  We are humbled by your consideration of our great school.


At All Saints, we understand that selecting the right school for your child and family is an important decision.  We believe that ASCA offers you a choice that is second to none.  We look forward to sharing our vision with you.  We hope that you will recognize our focus on academics, our vibrant school community, our beautiful facility, and our safe, nurturing and caring Christ-centered environment.


We are joined in these efforts by a superb faculty and staff who are dedicated to each student’s success - both in the classroom, and in the formation of who they are, and who they are becoming.  At All Saints, we are family.  You and your child will be known, cared for, and loved


At ASCA, we partner with our parents, who are the primary educators of their children.


Our parents support us with their time, talents and treasure for the benefit of all of our All Saints students.  Our students show their love for Christ and others by looking after one another, treating their peers with respect, and doing their very best each day.  We are a community working together, valuing children, and modeling virtue. 


We will challenge your child to discover his or her unique gifts, and to learn to use these gifts for personal success, to help others, and to serve those in need in the broader community.   At All Saints, we welcome families and students of ALL faiths. 




Schools operated under the auspices of the Diocese of Joliet admit students of any race, color, sex, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally available to students at the schools.  We will admit students who are non-Catholic per our Admission Policy.  Parents and students must understand participation in Catholic religious instruction, school activities, and community service related to the Catholic identity of the school is required.


Age Requirements for 2023-2024 School Year

  • Preschool 3 students must be three years of age on or before September 1, 2023.  
  • Pre K 4 students must be four years of age on or before September 1, 2023. 
  • Kindergarten students must be five years of age on or before September 1, 2023.
  • First grade students must be six years of age on or before September 1, 2023.


Age requirements noted are per School Code, and there are no exceptions.   Students who are not age appropriate and transferring from another school may be asked to provide curriculum standards from their current school to ensure that they align with ASCA's standards.  If the school being transferred from is an Illinois school, it must have Nonpublic School Recognition from the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE).   Click here to see if your school has this recognition. 


Paperwork and Tuition Information 

All Saints begins tuition collection for the 2023-2024 school year in July, 2023.  Student fees for the school year are also due in July.  All registration applications for enrollment beginning July 1, 2023 must include the following:


  • Completed registration paperwork


  • Original Official Birth Certificate (school will make copy and return original)


  • Registration Fee
    • $325 per family from July 1-31, 2023
    • $350 per family from August 1, 2023 forward


  • Student Fees
    • Preschool:  $180 per student
    • K-Grade 4:  $450 per student
    • Grade 5-Grade 7:  $ 530 per student
    • Grade 8:  $760 per student


  • 1st Month of Tuition:  For families enrolling in July, 2023, tuition will be divided into 11 payments from July 2023 through May 2024; for families who enroll from August 1, 2023 forward, tuition will be divided into 10 payments from August 2023 through May 2024.  Please contact Patty Bajek, Director of Enrollment and Marketing, for the exact amount of tuition to be paid if you have any questions.


Payment of 1st month of tuition due, registration and student fees can be made via cash, check or credit card (please note that a processing fee will be applied to credit card payments).


All school families are required to create a FACTS Tuition Payment Plan online.  Registration, student fees and tuition paid at registration will be applied to this payment plan, and automatic tuition payments will begin the following month. 


As noted in our registration paperwork:  All registration and student fees are non-refundable.  Payment of tuition is explained in the ASCA Tuition and Fees Payment Policy, which can be found in the ASCA Parent Student Handbook on our website at


Any exception to the ASCA Tuition and Fee Payment Policy must be an extraordinary circumstance that will be evaluated on a case by case basis, and must be presented in writing to the School Principal and Executive Board.


2023-2024 School Year 

  • Please click here for 2023-2024 New Family Registration Forms. 

  • Please click here for an extra 2023-2024 New Student Registration Form.

  • Please click here for 2023-2024 Tuition and Fee information 

  • Click here for the 2023-2024 New Sibling Registration Form (only for siblings of currently enrolled students) 


Order of Acceptance

All Saints Catholic Academy is a multiple parish-supported school. The order of acceptance for students is outlined below.  Once a family is accepted into All Saints Catholic Academy, they will continue to enjoy acceptance for their children as long as they continue to stay in good standing with their parish and school.


The order of acceptance will be:

  1.   Siblings of current families.
  2.   Children of All Saints Alumni.
  3.   Children who are transferring from a Catholic school which has closed. 
  4.   New families belonging to sponsoring and supporting parishes (Saint Elizabeth Seton, Saint Margaret Mary, Saint Thomas the Apostle, Holy Spirit       Catholic Community and Our Lady of Mercy.  
  5.  Prospective families who are transferring their child(ren) from another Catholic school, whose children are in good standing at that school.  
  6.  Children of Catholic families who are not members of our five sponsoring and supporting parishes. 
  7.   All other families. 


Tuition Transfer Grant                                   

All Saints is pleased to offer a Tuition Transfer Grant to any family who transfers their child into grades 1-7 from any local private*, public, charter or home school. With this two-year grant, families will receive $1,000 per student in year one, and $500 per student in year two, which will be applied to offset the current school tuition.   Families with more than one K-8 student must choose either the Tuition Transfer Grant, or the Multiple Child Discount.  If a student transfers after the school year begins, the first year will be prorated.  Please click here for more information on the Tuition Transfer Grant.  *Students transferring from another Catholic school within the Dioceses of Joliet, Peoria, Rockford, Springfield and the Archdiocese of Chicago are not eligible.


At All Saints Catholic Academy, our advanced curriculum exceeds state and diocesan standards, with our students consistently performing in the top 25% of standardized testing.  Our degreed, certified and licensed faculty is dedicated to maximizing each child’s God given potential in a nurturing, family atmosphere. With our smaller class sizes, longer school day (8am – 3:30pm), and many curricular and extracurricular activities, your child will have a greater opportunity to excel.


Referrals of New Students

There is so much to celebrate at ASCAWe hope that you feel that way too!  The most successful way that All Saints attracts new students and families is not through newspaper ads or social media.  It is not through signs, banners, or our website.   

It is through word of mouth.  It is through our families sharing all of the great things that are happening here at All Saints with friends, neighbors, and other potential new students.  We like to say that happy school families bring us more happy school families. 


How Can You Help?


Please consider sharing what you love about ASCA with a friend, and then personally invite them to inquire about All Saints, or schdule a tour or shadow opportunity.   Families who refer a new school family to ASCA may potentially earn a $250 credit toward their FFO (Family Fundraising Obligation).‚Äč

So, don’t be shy.  We wouldn’t even consider it boastful or rude.  Share what you love about All Saints with a friend, and invite them to find out more about how All Saints might be a great fit for them. 


Re-enrollment of Current School Families for the 2023-2024 School Year


Please review the following FAQ’s that explain the re-enrollment process


Q: What do I have to do if my currently enrolled student plans to return to ASCA for the 2023-2024 school year?

A: You do not have to do anything. Your student will be automatically re-enrolled for the 2023-2024 school year.


Q: I have a student in Preschool 3’s that will be returning for Pre K4. How do I let you know which days he/she will be attending school next year?

A: A Google Form will be sent to all preschool 3 families to confirm their child’s schedule for the 2023-2024 school year.


Q: I have a child that is not currently enrolled at All Saints. How do I enroll a new sibling?

A: We require the following for new sibling enrollment for the 2023-2024 school year:


  • Original Official Birth Certificate (original document will be returned once we have made a copy)
  • Baptism Certificate and Other Sacramental Certificates (where applicable, copy acceptable)
  • Most recent grade report and standardized test scores (students entering grades 1-8)
  • Copy of most recent IEP/504 Plan (where applicable)


This paperwork may be returned to school beginning Monday, October 31, but no later than Friday, December 9, 2022.  Applications for new sibling enrollment will not be accepted unless all items noted above accompany the application.  All new sibling registration applications will be reviewed; and families will be notified via email to confirm their new student's enrollment.


Q: What is the cost of re-enrollment?

A:  There is a re-enrollment fee of $250 for all current school families, and a $250 payment that will be credited toward 2023-2024 tuition, for a total of $500.   Please see the following details:


Re-enrollment Fee 

The re-enrollment fee is $250 per family, and is non-refundable. The fee will be charged to your current FACTS agreement on Monday, January 9, 2023, and payable within 10 days of invoice. If the re-enrollment fee is not paid by the invoice due date, your student’s spot will be released, and become available for new student registration.


Payment that will be Credited Toward 2023-2024 Tuition 

We will require a $250 non-refundable payment per family that will be credited to next year’s 2023-2024 tuition. This payment will be charged to your current FACTS agreement, and payable by Friday, April 14, 2023. Families who do not pay this amount that will be credited to 2023-2024 tuition will forfeit their student’s enrollment spot at that time.   Families who would like to request a payment plan for these charges may contact the ASCA Business Office.


Q: What if I do not plan to send my student(s) to ASCA for the 2023-2024 school year?

A: Families who do not intend to return to ASCA for the 2023-2024 school year should inform the principal, Mrs. Marshall, in writing via email ( or letter no later than 4 pm on Friday, December 9, 2022.  You will be charged the $250 non-refundable re-enrollment fee if you do not inform the school in writing that you are not returning.  


If a family wishes to change their decision and enroll after December 9 (after notifying the school in writing that they do not intend to re-enroll; and space is available), the enrollment fee will be as follows:


  • From December 10, 2022 – January 28, 2023: the enrollment fee will be $275 per family
  • From January 29 to June 30, 2023: the enrollment fee will be $300 per family
  • From July 1 – July 31, 2023: the enrollment fee will be $325 per family
  • From August 1, 2023 forward: the enrollment fee will be $350 per family


If you have any questions about the current family re-enrollment process, please contact Patty Bajek at , or (630) 961-6125.




All Saints Catholic Academy
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School Year Hours:  7:30 AM - 4 PM.  Our main entrance during the school year is Door 1.

Summer Office Hours:  9am to Noon (Monday through Thursday).  Please come to Door 7 during the summer months.

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