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Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Support Our School

Support Our School and our Partners

All Saints Catholic Academy relies on the financial and volunteer help of its many supporters. If you have questions on how to help us financially or wish to give to a specific project, please call (630) 961-6125. 


Please note that All Saints Catholic Academy is a Religious organization that falls under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  Your gift may qualify as a charitable deduction for federal income tax purposes. It is always a good idea to consult with your tax advisers or the IRS to determine whether a contribution is deductible. 


Fundraising Opportunities at All Saints

Find out more about the various fundraising opportunities available at All Saints, and what they support. 


RaiseRight (formerly known as SCRIP) Purchases:  Count Toward the Family Fundraising Obligation (FFO)

All school families are responsible for what we call the Family Fundraising Obligation (or FFO) at All Saints.  


  • The FFO for families with Kindergarten through Grade 8 students is $500 per family
  • The FFO for families with preschool only students is $250 per family.


Families have until April 30, 2024 to fundraise to meet their 2023-2024 FFO.  All Saints offers a number of different fundraising opportunities throughout the school year for you to complete this obligation. 


There is one opportunity that is available to ALL school families all year long, and that is our RaiseRight program.   RaiseRight is a convenient and powerful fundraising program which earns money for the school, helps school families satisfy their Family Fundraising Obligation (FFO), and can even generate future year's tuition credit through the purchase of gift cards to establishments where the buyer regularly shops, dines, purchases their morning coffee, or travels.  For every gift card purchaseda percentage goes towards your Family Fundraising Obligation (FFO).  Families pay the face value of the gift card, and the percentage offered by the retailer will go toward your FFO.


Our RaiseRight team would like you to know more about this FFO earning opportunity. It is easy to get started.  If you are not already taking advantage of this offering - this is the time to get going!


Begin earning toward your FFO for the 2023-2024 school year now - it’s easier than you think! Raise Right has over 580 vendors available to purchase gift cards from and use at your convenience. 


9/27/2023 Update:  The RaiseRight “Ship to School” option is now open!! 



RaiseRight will hold its first distribution day for physical gift cards on Thursday, October 19th from 3:00pm-3:30pm in the Door 1 vestibule.  The RaiseRight website will have the “Ship to School” option available until Sunday, October 15th at 4:00pm.  Remember, it is only during this period that your physical gift cards can be sent to All Saints, free of charge, and distributed to you. 


If you prefer your gift cards to be sent home with your student, a 2023-2024 school year waiver must be signed and turned in to the school office or emailed to by Monday, October 16thClick here to download and print the RaiseRight Waiver form for 2023-2024.  All orders exceeding $250 MUST be picked up by a parent.  Please note:  waivers are only valid for the current school year and a new one must be filled out each school year. 


Start planning ahead for holiday travel, groceries, and Black Friday spending- earn FFO while buying the things you’re already buying!!  As always, there are 100’s of vendors that have eCards available 24/7 at no charge to you and are available within minutes of purchasing.  If you haven’t done so already, sign up for RaiseRight by emailing to get our school activation code and start earning!  Sign up for RaiseRight notifications and get alerts for vendor bonus deals and get even more FFO from your favorite places!  The second distribution date for physical gift cards will be Thursday, December 7th- just in time for the holiday gift giving season! 


Questions about RaiseRight?  Email us at


9/20/2023 Update:  First Distribution Day for Physical Gift Cards

RaiseRight will hold its first distribution day for physical gift cards on Thursday, October 19th from 3:00pm-3:30pm in the Door 1 vestibule. 


The RaiseRight website will open this ordering option starting Sunday, October 1st at 8:00am and will remain open until Sunday, October 15th at 4:00pm


It is only during this period that your physical gift cards can be sent to All Saints, free of charge, and distributed to you


Start planning ahead for holiday travel, groceries, and Black Friday spending- earn FFO while buying the things you’re already buying!! 


RaiseRight earnings through February 29, 2024 will count toward your 2023-2024 school year Family Fundraising Obligation (FFO).


As always, there are 100’s of vendors that have eCards available 24/7 at no charge to you and are available within minutes of purchasing.  If you haven’t done so already, sign up for RaiseRight by emailing to get our school activation code and start earning! 


Sign up for RaiseRight notifications and get alerts for vendor bonus deals and get even more FFO from your favorite places!  The second distribution date for physical gift cards will be Thursday, December 7th- just in time for the holiday gift giving season! 


Questions about RaiseRight?  Email us at


What You Need to Know About RaiseRight

Here are a few key points to clarify before you get started:


1. Contact and ask for the activation code needed to start your online RaiseRight account


2. Go to the website and set up your account. It costs nothing to join and only takes a few minutes. You can even link other relatives and friends to your account- you’ll earn FFO much faster if other people are buying gift cards too.


3. Start shopping and earning! By purchasing items with these gift cards rather than your credit card, you’ll see how easy it is to earn your FFO. Stop writing a check to ASCA for your unearned FFO! Raise Right is a free service that has the benefit of giving a percentage back to our school through the listed vendors. All you have to do is purchase the gift cards through RaiseRight, and the FFO will earn itself.


Now that you have your account all set up and are ready to earn some FFO, you may have some questions as to how much FFO you will earn or what options to purchase cards are available.


Let’s clarify these questions:

1. Each vendor states how much they are willing to give to ASCA with your purchase. For example, Land’s End states “Earn 15%” below its name. This means you will earn 15% of your purchase of gift cards from Land’s End toward your FFO. If you purchase a $100 gift card, you will earn $15 toward your FFO. Each vendor is different in their reimbursements but they will all be credited toward your FFO.


2. Each vendor has different ways to purchase their gift cards. Here is what the different options mean:


a. Physical- an actual gift card like you would purchase in-store. If you miss a “Ship To School” window you can still order these gift cards and choose to have them mailed directly to you.


b. eGift- an electronic gift card that will normally load within minutes of purchase to your Scrip/Raise Right wallet. From here you can print, copy online codes, and view balances.

Download the RaiseRight app to your phone and always have your eGift cards ready to use.


c. Reload- the ability to add more funds to already purchased physical gift cards. Once you have a physical gift card you can register this card to your account and keep adding funds as needed. No need to keep buying new cards every time your funds run out- reload!


Here are some easy ways to earn your FFO from places you probably visit frequently. Remember, even small rebates add up over time! While grocery stores don’t offer huge rebates, keep reloading your cards and you will start to see your FFO add up as well. The key is to be consistent and frequent in your purchases and reloads.


Sign up for RaiseRight emails and be notified of vendor “bonus” days. This is when select vendors increase their rebates for a given amount of time. This is the best time to reload your most used cards or plan ahead and purchase gift cards for upcoming events like graduations, weddings, birthday parties, or holiday meals.


Once you get used to purchasing and using your Raise Right gift cards you will be amazed how easy it is to meet your yearly FFO requirement without really trying! There is nothing more satisfying than buying gift cards to buy school uniforms, complete home renovations, book travel plans, or enjoy a quick meal AND earn FFO while doing it!


Here are just a few categories and vendors to help get you started:

1. Vacation

a. hotels- AirBNB, Hilton, Hampton Inn, Marriott, Best Western, Holiday Inn, Courtyard Marriott, Embassy Suites, Sheraton,

b. airlines- Southwest, Delta, American

c. cruiselines- Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Holland American, Princess

d. Disney


2. Groceries

a. Albertson’s/Jewel, Mariano’s, Meijer, Whole Foods, Casey’s, Sam’s Club, Walmart, Target


3. Home

a. projects- Lowe’s, Home Depot, Menards, Ace

b. decor- Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn Kids, Crate and Barrel, The Container Store, William Sonoma, Home Goods


4. Gift Cards

a. American Express and Visa (no activation fees), Shutterfly, Instacart, Amazon, eBay


5. Eating

a. Grubhub, Uber Eats, Lettuce Entertain You, Morton’s Steakhouse, Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, Chipotle, Red Robin, Panera, Noodles and Company, Subway, Panda Express, Chili’s, Dairy Queen, Coldstone, Baskin Robbins, Burger King, McDonald’s


6. Outings

a. Main Event, Top Golf, Chuck E. Cheese, Dave and Busters, AMC, Fandango, Regal Cinemas, Cinemark


7. Clothing

a. Land’s End, Gap, Old Navy, Athleta, Nike, DSW, Foot Locker, Adidas, Carter’s, Children’s Place, Aerie, Aeropostale, White House Black Market, Eddie Bauer, Nordstrom


Please reach out to the Scrip team at with any questions. They are here to answer your questions and help you earn that FFO! SCRIP earnings from now through February 29, 2024 will count toward the 2023-2024 school year FFO - so don't delay, start earning TODAY!


All Saints Fun Run 2023 a Huge Success

The All Saints Fun Run is one of our largest fundraisers of the year, and a favorite of our students of all ages! This year's proceeds will support continued playground and recess pad improvements. We’ve recently added Gaga Ball, benches, and new concrete, but we know there is more work to be done to optimize this space for our children!


Thank you to everyone for their generous support!  All Saints earned $54,000 - WOW!  A huge thank you to committee chair Amy Bono and the many volunteers!!!  A gracious and heartfelt thank you to all of our school families who personally supported this fundraiser, and who shared it with extended family and friends. You are all the reason for its success!


The winning class that will get to pie Mrs. Marshall was Ms. Cash's 3B homeroom.  Way to go 3B!


No Cookin’ in the Kitchen event at Portillo's - Wednesday, October 4

The No Cookin' in the Kitchen party is moving to Portillo's on Wednesday, October 4.   It is a half day on the 4th, so plan on dinner at Portillo's to cap off the day and celebrate!


The event will take place at the Portillo's located at 950 E. Ogden Avenue, Naperville, 60563. This is the only Portillo's location participating!


Here is all you need to know about the Portillo's No Cookin’ event:

  • When: Wednesday, October 4, 2023
  • Where: 950 E. Ogden Avenue, Naperville, 60563
  • Time: 5 – 8pm (please do not go before 5pm – ASCA will not receive credit)
  • Why: Delicious food, fun with friends, AND, Portillo's will be donating 20% of qualifying sales back to ASCA.


Click here for the flyer that has more information.


For All Saints to receive credit for your visit:


  1.  Dine at Portillo's on the evening of ASCA’s event, and either present a hard copy or digital copy of the flyer.  Also, please mention to the first order taker/at checkout that you are there for the All Saints fundraiser. 
  2. In addition to placing your order in person, you can also place an online order, a phone order for pick up, an order in the Portillo's app, and a catering order that will be picked up on the day of the fundraiser.  Reminder - if you place your order in the drive thru, please be sure to inform the first order taker that you are participating in the fundraiser.  
  3. For online or in app purchases for pick up, please enter the code Portillos10 before checkout in the "Apply Offer" field.  


Click here for the menu. 



  • Discounts, special offers, and gift cards may be used on the night of our fundraiser for orders placed in the restaurants and in the drive thru ONLY.  However, only the actual amount spent will be counted toward ASCA's fundraising total.
  • Gift card sales will not be included in ASCA's fundraising total.
  • Discounts and special offers may not be used on online orders, phone orders for pick up, orders in the Portillo's app, or catering orders that will be picked up on the day of the fundraiser.
  • Delivery and third party orders will not count toward the fundraiser. 
  • Online, app, phone, and catering orders placed without the correct code (Portillos10), for pick up on a date that is not the date of the fundraiser (Wednesday, October 4), at a location other than the specified restaurant (950 E. Ogden Avenue, Naperville, 60563), or outside of the event time (5-8pm) - will not be count toward ASCA's fundraiser total.  


Last Word: As always, students who participate in the event will receive a Pick a Day Out of Uniform Pass. Simply send in your receipt (actual or copy) in an envelope marked ‘Portillo's' and your student’s name(s) and homeroom(s) OR, send your receipt copy via email to with ‘Portillo's' and your student’s name(s) and homeroom(s)" in the subject line. 


Thank you for your support, and we hope that you enjoy your meal at Portillo's!  Note that participation in No Cookin’ events does not count toward the Family Fundraising Obligation (FFO).   Also, please send your photos of all the fun to so we can share with others!!!  


No Cookin’ in the Kitchen event at Noodles and Company –  Wednesday, September 13

Thank you to everyone who supported our No Cookin’  event at Noodles and Company.  All Saints earned $619.01 on eligible sales. 


All Saints Catholic Academy's First Annual “Saintly Ballers: 3v3 Basketball Tournament”


When: Sunday, September 24, 2023

Time: 12-3:35pm

Place: All Saints Catholic Academy Recess Pad

Who:  1st through 8th Grade Students and Adults (Parents, Faculty and Staff)

Proceeds:  All proceeds will go to replenishing the funds used for security measure improvements done over the summer and for any future safety improvements needed.

Registration, Fee and T-Shirt ordering Deadline: Thursday, August 31st, 2023

Food Trucks: Brick’s Pizza and Kona Ice


Registration for the Saintly Ballers 3v3 Basketball Tournament is now officially open! Below is the link to SignUp Genius that you can use to register your team. All you need to do for Registration is:

1. Click on the GRADE in which the team is registering


3. Add Coach/Team Leader Contact information (First and Last name and Email)




Once you've completed the ONLINE registration, you may email (to or print and send into school the attached Registration Form. The form is due by Thursday, 8/31.This form includes:

- NAME, DOB, EXPERIENCE LEVEL of each player (up to 4 players per team, minimum of 3 players) and EMAIL of participant/guardian (if a minor)





Payment: Please send CASH in an envelope marked with "Saintly Ballers" and your Team's Name or a CHECK to school for the amount of $105 per team. Please make checks payable to "All Saints Catholic Academy" and include in the memo: "Saintly Ballers: TEAM NAME". Including the TEAM NAME is important! Tournament fees are also due by Thursday, 8/31.


T-Shirt Orders: Below is a link to order T-Shirts for this community building event. Both students and adults may purchase Saintly Ballers T-Shirts. You do not have to participate in the event in order to purchase a shirt. These shirts can be worn on Spirit Wear Days! T-Shirts will be sent home with the students during the school week before 9/24. Shirts are $15. Attached is a picture of the logo that will appear on the shirt.


Saintly Baller Tournament Link


Hold Harmless Waiver:  After registration is complete, each participant in the tournament will be emailed a Hold Harmless Form. Please fill out and sign the Hold Harmless Form FOR EACH PARTICIPANT and bring to the school office.


Tournament To-Do Checklist:  

1. Online Registration (SignUp Genius Link:

2. Registration Form (Attached)

3. Payment (Cash or Check)

4. Hold Harmless Form for each participant (Attachment in email to follow)

5. T-shirt Order (Link: Saintly Baller Tournament Link)


Thank you for considering participating in this ASCA community building tournament! It is sure to be a fun way to create new friendships and strengthen old ones as we are blessed to kick off another school year at this incredible school!


God Bless and Go Saints!


Tax Credit Scholarship Campaign Update

Thank you to everyone who expressed their support for this program.  It is with deep sadness that we share that the Invest in Kids Act Tax Credit Scholarship Program was allowed to sunset, and has not been extended beyond the upcoming school year. 
This is most certainly not the outcome we all hoped and worked so hard for; however, we look forward to the possibility of this program being addressed in the Fall legislative veto session.  Keep praying and contact your Illinois Senator and State Representative to voice your support for this program.


Charleston Wrap Fundraiser – Online Ordering Ongoing through Wednesday, September 27

Thank you to all of the All Saints families that have registered with Charleston Wrap! Please help support All Saints and share the word by registering, sending to friends and family, and shopping yourself!  40% of proceeds (30% for monogramed items) will go toward your FFO (Family Fundraising Obligation), so take advantage of this opportunity to whittle away at your FFO balance ($500 for K-8 families; $250 for preschool only families). 


Not only does Charleston Wrap offer really cool wrapping paper (think reversible, metallic, personalized, etc.) but they also have great home goods and a selection of nice holiday and non-holiday themed gifts. Think birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, just because gifts.  You can place your online order through Wednesday, September 27th.  Click here to review the ordering instructions. 


If you have any questions, contact Jessica Elliott at


2022-2023 All Saints Annual Appeal

A treasured and important trait of the greater All Saints school community has always been its generosity and philanthropy.  At ASCA, we tirelessly strive to develop students who have kind, compassionate and others-centered hearts and minds.  Students who will truly make a difference in today's world. 
We ask our parents, faculty, grandparents, alumni and alumni parents, friends of ASCA and many benefactors past and present to join together to support the mission of All Saints Catholic Academy in this year's All Saints Annual Appeal.  Help us to bridge the gap between our tuition and the true cost to educate, as we endeavor to keep the cost of our excellent education grounded in faith within reach for all parents who desire that for their precious child(ren).
To find out more about this year's appeal and to donate, please click the button below.  We thank you for your support, for the great Amen, and we look forward to seeing your name on our Donor Wall.  May our loving and gracious God greatly bless you during this beautiful season. 


All Saints Golf Classic 


We could not have had a prettier day for this year's 2nd Annual All Saints Golf Classic that took place the world class White Eagle Golf Club in Naperville on Monday, May 15, 2023.  All of our golfers and attendees had an amazing day!


Thank you to John Corradetti, Wayne Klein and all of the volunteers for planning and executing such a wonderful event.   


It was a tremendous day of 'fun' and 'fund'raising in support of our amazing school, All Saints Catholic Academy. Looking forward to our 3rd annual Golf Classic in 2024!


DDA 2023:  Great Gatsby Gala – Saturday, March 18, 2023  


On Saturday, March 18, we celebrated our 2023 Dinner Dance Auction – Great Gatsby Gala. What a fabulous night of celebration and fun. We are overwhelmed and truly humbled by the great generosity extended toward this year’s Fund a Need in support of the outstanding teachers at All Saints Catholic Academy. Over $110,000 was raised, and it is not too late to donate - click here to make your contribution


We are very grateful and cannot wait to share more details about the success of this year’s event.


Click here for the 2023 DDA - Great Gatsby Gala website.  


Please patronize our 2023 Dinner Dance Auction - Great Gatsby Gala sponsors.  We are ever so grateful for their partnership and belief in the mission and vision of All Saints Catholic Academy.


Our 2023 Cornerstone and Patron Sponsors










Country Financial - Jaime Zavala


Our 2023 Blue and Gold Sponsors



Our 2023 Evening Delight and Table Sponsors



All Saints Annual Appeal 2022-2023

The Annual Appeal provides essential support to All Saints' annual budget and to the educational and spiritual journey of each All Saints student. Every dollar raised is used to enrich the lives of our students at ASCA so that they may be the future Catholic leaders that our world so greatly needs. 


We need your help to meet this year's Annual Appeal goal of $30,000 as tuition alone does not cover the full cost of educating the saints at All Saints.  Your contribution to the appeal ensures the continued excellence of All Saints and helps us to fund various school needs that include academic enhancements, faculty development, classroom technology, supplies and equipment, and operating expenses.  Each contribution to the Annual Appeal, no matter how great or small, is affirmation of your belief in our mission, and for that we sincerely thank you.      


To contribute and be featured on our Donor Wall, click here


When you visit classrooms at All Saints, you’ll see dedicated teachers and engaged learners. Class sizes remain small so students can receive the individual attention and care that they need to be successful. Students have the opportunity to work with state-of-the-art technology to collaboratively problem solve and engage in hands-on learning activities. Students are blessed with outstanding facilities and a safe environment where they can grow and thrive.   


Each day, at the center of all we do, is our Catholic faith. We join together in daily prayer, celebrate weekly mass as a school community, and continue to lift each other up in our journey toward Sainthood. 


While our world continues to be a place of uncertainty for many, families know they can count on All Saints to be a place where their child will receive an excellent traditional education grounded in our Catholic faith, and each student will be safe, known and loved.  It is our fervent hope and prayer that all who walk through our doors feel the presence of Christ - in the classrooms, in the hallways, on the playground, and in the hearts of our students, faculty and administration.  Your support will help us continue to keep tuition affordable for those who desire an All Saints education.    


Our successes would not be possible without you - our parents, grandparents, faculty, alumni and alumni parents, and friends. Please prayerfully consider making a gift to this year’s Annual Appeal. 


We humbly ask that you continue to keep our entire school community in your prayers, and know that you and your loved ones are in ours.  Thank you for all your past and future gifts that allow our students to grow in their faith as we walk together on our journey toward sainthood. All Saints Catholic Academy remains most grateful. 


How Your Annual Fund Appeal Contribution Can Make a Difference

The Annual Fund Appeal helps us to make and keep Catholic education affordable to all families in our community. The tuition that you pay each month is only one piece of what it takes to ensure that our students are receiving the excellent education in a safe environment that they need. Our surrounding public school districts are spending considerably more dollars per pupil than our tuition cost, with NCUSD203 spending 167% more per pupil, and IPSD204 spending 117% more per pupil. Your contribution to the appeal ensures the continued excellence of All Saints and helps us to fund various school needs, including academic enhancements, faculty development, classroom technology, supplies and equipment, and operating expenses. Every dollar raised is used to enrich the lives of our students in their pursuit of academic and spiritual development, so that they may be the future Catholic leaders that our world so greatly needs.


 Each contribution to the Annual Fund Appeal, no matter how great or small, is affirmation of your belief in our mission. For that, we thank you!


Poinsettia Plant Sale

We are excited to offer the Christmas Poinsettia Plants again this year, as an optional fundraising opportunity to school families that counts toward your Family Fundraising Obligation (FFO).    


We only have 100 plants, and over half are already spoken for.  Orders will be taken until Friday, December 2, or sell out. 


A red poinsettia plant with 5-7 flowers for $23 per plant.  $10 per plant will be earned toward your Family Fundraising Obligation (FFO).  These are beautiful high quality plants – perfect for decorating your home over the holidays or gifting to others. 


Place your order at:   


Plants will be used to decorate the stage for our Christmas Program on Thursday, December 15, and may be taken home after the program, or picked up on Friday, December 16. 


Just as a reminder, all school families have a Family Fundraising Obligation of $500 per family for K-8 families, and $250 per family for preschool only families.   Remaining 2022-2023 FFO opportunities following the poinsettia sale include Scrip earnings through 2/28/2023, and donations to the Dinner Dance Auction.


Questions?  Contact us at    


ASCA Day of Giving - Tuesday, November 1, 2022

What a joyfilled day of celebration. We began this day in prayer and gratitude for our many blessings, including our students, school families, faculty, alumni and many friends and benefactors.  This is truly a day to rejoice and be thankful.   We are humbled by your support of All Saints Catholic Academy - past, present and future.  
A school like All Saints, where academic excellence is grounded in faith, is needed now more than ever.  ASCA is a place where a loving and gracious God is the center of our lives and where we strive to know Him, to love Him, and to serve Him.  It is a place where we are forming young men and women of good character, who possess kind, compassionate and others-centered hearts. At All Saints, we send forth confident children with knowledge, self-confidence, and a moral compass to become our future leaders. 
On this Feast Day, please consider and reflect on what All Saints has meant to your student, your family, and your community.  Help us to reach our goal of $10,000.  Your gift at the highest level that you are able to give will ensure that our current and future Saints at All Saints will continue benefit. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.     
It is not too late to give!  Click here to contribute.   We thank everyone for their support, kindness and generosity!

Treasure Breads 

This fundraiser is active through Wednesday, November 2, and counts toward your FFO. If you did not have an opportunity to taste the samples that were being distributed on a chilly rainy day a few weeks ago, trust us -  they are delicious!!!!


There are 6 varieties (Cinnamon Sugar, Banana Nut, Cranberry Orange, Blueberry Lemon, Pumpkin, and Triple Chocolate). Loaves cost $12.50 each, and you not only get a yummy treat, but earn $5 per loaf toward your FFO. There is also a sampler of 6 individually wrapped 4 oz mini loaves for $22.50 where you can earn $9 per sampler toward your FFO.


Think holiday and hostess gifts, think ‘treat yourself to something tasty’, think 'end of the Thanksgiving or Christmas meal'. The loaves have a shelf life of approximately 2 weeks, and freeze beautifully, so store a few away for a rainy or snowy day.


ASCA is very pleased to be able to offer this brand new FFO fundraiser, and to partner with the great folks at Treasure Breads, a locally owned company ( For where your treasure is, there also will your heart be. Matthew 6:21.


Click here for the informational ordering flyer .


The order deadline is Wednesday, November 2, with order delivery taking place on Thursday, November 17. You will earn 40% of all purchases toward your FFO. Questions? Contact


All Saints Fun Run

The All Saints Fun Run is one of our largest fundraisers of the year, and a favorite of our students of all ages! This year's proceeds will support our greatest asset - our teachers! Funds will provide essential classroom resources and help us continue to close the salary gap between Catholic and public school teachers, recognizing the selfless love they demonstrate for our kids day in and day out.


Over the nine days of this fundraiser, we’ll have challenges and chances to earn prizes individually and as a class as we get ready for the Fun Run on Friday, 9/23/2022. To get the ball rolling, we’re asking everyone to go on and register! Students will earn a chocolate bar for registering, and the homeroom with the highest percentage of students who register tonight will get an extra recess!


Our Fun Run goal is to raise $60,000. If we reach our school wide goal, each homeroom will have a movie and popcorn celebration. We’ll also be engaging in some friendly competitions among classes. The homeroom that collects the most donations will get to give me a pie in the face!


This year’s Fun Run is a little different than past years. While we’re still using the Booster platform to collect donations and pledges, we have brought the rest of the event in-house. This means that every dollar raised goes directly to ASCA, rather than giving a percentage back to Booster. We are excited to maximize the benefit of your generous donations and grateful for the volunteers, especially our event chair Amy Bono, for making this possible.


As we launch this first big fundraiser of the school year, we encourage you to read this letter that outlines fundraisers held throughout the year and how they impact the school.


Thank you in advance for your support of All Saints and the Fun Run!


Charleston Wrap Fundraiser (counts toward FFO) – Online Ordering Ongoing through Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Our Charleston Wrap fundraiser is underway! Information has been sent home via backpack mail with the youngest child in each family, but you can click hereas well. As of Friday afternoon, September 9, we had 84 families registered, and we have already sold $12,037 and over $4,620 has been earned for FFO!  Days remaining are dwindling, so go online, register, share with friends and family, and meet your Family Fundraising Obligation (FFO) while getting great gifts!  If you have any questions, contact Jessica Elliott at


2023 Fall Book Fair

This year's fair will take place from Monday, September 26 through Friday, September 30.  A huge thank you to all of the school families who supported this event that students look forward to.   


All Saints Collects Box Tops for Education and Pop Tabs for Ronald McDonald House

As the Box Tops for Education program has now gone ‘electronic’, see the attached flyer for more information on downloading the App, and earning cash for ASCA.   You may still send in paper box tops that have not expired; we will be collecting them in the classrooms. 


We also are collecting your pop can tops for Ronald McDonald House.  Questions?  Contact Gretchen Muller at  Thank you in advance for your help!


St Therese Plaza Paver Brick Program

Recognize your student or school family by purchasing a brick as part of our St Therese Plaza Paver Brick Program.  

We want to let our new ASCA families know – and remind returning ASCA families - of the opportunity to have a personalized paver brick honor your family, student or event and create a lasting family legacy here at All Saints.  Many inscribed bricks are already installed in our beautiful St. Therese, The Little Flower, Plaza outside Door 1, and we welcome new additions!

You can make a donation to sponsor a Paver Brick to commemorate any occasion in the course of the school year, or to honor a special student, teacher or coach!  This is also a great way to memorialize a loved one, or to celebrate a birthday or anniversary with a gift that will last a lifetime.
The donation options to sponsor a Paver Brick are $175 (6” by 6”), $250 (6” by 12”) or $500 (12” by 12”), and donors receive written thanks for their charitable donations.  Also, please note that there are many religious and other icons available to enrich the message and appearance of paver bricks.

Click on the links below to see the Paver Brick Brochure/Order Form and to see the available icons.   

Click here for a copy of the brochure.  

Click here for a copy of the brick icons.   

Please note that brick prices are subject to change. 

Illinois Tax Credit Scholarship Program


Last year, the State of Illinois created a new way to fund scholarships for children who choose to attend Catholic schools through the “Invest in Kids Act.”   Under the IllinoisTax Credit Scholarship Program and the “Invest in Kids Act”, individuals and corporations make donations to Scholarship Granting Organizations (SGO) that distribute scholarships to qualified students.


You can designate your contribution to support a student attending All Saints Catholic Academy, and receive a 75% credit on your state of Illinois tax liability.  Remember that a tax credit is a dollar for dollar reduction of your tax liability.  For example, if you donate $1,000 under the Tax Credit Scholarship Program, you will receive a tax credit equal to 75% of your donation, or $750.   


Yes, this is For Real.  


  • The tax credit is a dollar for dollar reduction of the amount a tax that an individual or corporation owes to the State of Illinois. 
  • Donors will be able to designate their donation to an individual school - All Saints Catholic Academy.


Why pay money to the State of Illinois, when those monies can help a child at All Saints Catholic Academy.  


If you would like more information on how to donate to the Illinois Tax Credit Scholarship Program, please click here.  


If you have any fundraising questions, please contact   



DDA - Dinner Dance Auction

15th Annual Dinner Dance Auction - The Crystal Gala - Friday, March 6, 2020 from 6 pm - Midnight


ASCA's 15th Annual Dinner Dance & Auction (DDA) - The Crysta; Gala -  will be held on Friday, March 6, 2020 from 6 pm - Midnight at the Chicago Marriott in Naperville.   All are invited to the biggest party and fundraiser of the year for All Saints.  

For more information, please click here to go to the event website.


The DDA Forms Finder


Item Donation Form

Cash Donation Form

Tuition Credit Raffle Form

Saintly Spot Advertising Form

Wine & Champagne Form

Corporate Sponsorship Form

Advertising Form




$5,000!!!! - Win a $5,000 ASCA tuition credit for the 2020-2021 school year!


How?  Simply purchase a ticket for the All Saints Catholic Academy 2020 Tuition Credit Raffle and you could win a $5,000 tuition credit for your family or the ASCA Scholarship Program.  Tickets are $100 and only 150 tickets will be sold.  Please see the ASCA DDA website for complete rules and restrictions.


Click here to purchase your ticket(s) online.  


Tuition Credit Raffle Rules and Restrictions:
 You must be 18 years of age or older to enter.
 Winner need not be present to win.
 Winner must specify tuition credit recipient (either family name or 
ASCA Scholarship Program).
 The winner of this raffle must use the tuition credit to support a 
child enrolled at All Saints Catholic Academy (ASCA) during the 
2019-2020 Academic Year.
 The winner receives a $5,000 tuition credit.
 If the child is enrolled in the ASCA Pre-School program, excess 
tuition credit will roll to the following academic school year.
 If winning family leaves ASCA, the award will be forfeited and 
transferred to ASCA Scholarship Program.
 A maximum of 150 tickets will be sold.
 In the unlikely event that fewer than 80 tickets are sold, the winner 
will receive a tuition credit equivalent to one half of the monetary 
value of ticket sales.
 By participating in this raffle, each participant releases All Saints 
Catholic Academy, the Joliet Diocese, and any related entities, 
employees, agents, or officers from any liability, losses or damages 
of any kind incurred or caused by participating in the raffle or 
accepting any prize.
 By accepting a prize, winners grant ASCA permission to use their 
names, likenesses, and prize amounts for promotional purposes.


Please stop by the DDA Raffle Ticket Table near the Welcome Desk before and after mass on Wednesdays, and on Friday afternoons from 2-4 pm.   Cash, Check (payable to ASCA) or FACTS (must be set up for auto-pay) will be accepted.   If you have any questions, please contact the team at


We welcome your help, energy and ideas!  Join us in planning and executing this fabulous event!  Anyone, any grade, any level!  Sign up, get involved and join the fun!  To sign up, go to  


Please consider a generous donation to the dinner dance auction.  We can’t do it without you!  All Saints needs you!


The Annual Fund Appeal

The Annual Fund Appeal is an opportunity for ASCA supporters to contribute to the school. This program provides funds for school budget needs in areas such as staff development, technology and program enhancement. Many of our donors’ employers provide matching gifts to increase overall Annual Fund receipts. The Annual Fund Appeal will begin in November and conclude during Catholic Schools Week in February; however, your donation is greatly appreciated in any amount at any time.   

Your check payable to “ASCA Annual Fund” can be dropped off at, or mailed to, to the school office.  It will help us to accurately record your gift if you use the ASCA Annual Fund Reply Card.

If you prefer to donate on-line, you can use the Annual Fund Appeal “Click ‘n Pledge” screen here.

We are grateful for all your interest and support!

Support Us Through ASCA Scholarship Funds

Many of our supporters have benefited from a Catholic education as they were growing up, and others have heard of All Saints from family or friends. If you would like to make a gift to help a child attend All Saints Catholic Academy who might otherwise not be able to, your donation can be directed to General Scholarship, or to one of three specific funds:

  • “Change A Life Fund” primarily benefits lower-income Latino students from nearby communities;
  • “Faith in Their Future Fund” benefits students from families in need who reside in our founding Naperville parishes;
  • “Betsy Stiff Memorial Fund” benefits students with mental or physical challenges.

 Our “All Are Welcome!” Scholarships Brochure further explains how you might help by "adopting a student."  If you prefer to donate on-line, you can use our website’s “Click ‘n Pledge” payment option for Scholarship.

Make A General Donation To ASCA

Thank you for considering a general donation to All Saints Catholic Academy. You may send a check to ASCA, 1155 Aurora Avenue, Naperville, IL 60540. If a credit card online donation is more convenient, we use the “Click ‘n Pledge” service to provide secure processing of your credit card donations. We welcome your donation to our ASCA Future Fund using this service.


SCRIP is a convenient and powerful fundraising program which earns money for the school, helps school families satisfy their Family Fundraising Obligation, and can even generate future year's tuition credit through the purchase of gift cards/certificates to establishments where the buyer is already shopping anyway!

These gift cards and certificates carry full purchasing power and generate revenue for our school families which range from 4% or 5% (Mariano's, Jewel, Koh's, JCPenney) to 10% and higher (Macy's, Gap, Lands' End)!

Gor more information and to get started , you can download the following forms and links:


SCRIP Retailers and Rebate Percents

SCRIP Program Overview

2019-2020 SCRIP Easy Order Info

2019-2020 SCRIP Gift Card Order Release

2019-2020 SCRIP Permission Waiver for Student to Receive Scrip Gift Card Orders

ASCA SCRIP Wisdom from a recently graduated ASCA School Family


Please contact with any questions.  

Gifts of Stock

For complete and current information on how to make a gift of stock to All Saints Catholic Academy, please see the Diocese of Joliet stock donation instructions and forms.

Run With The Saints/Boosterthon Pledge Drive and Fun Run



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