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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

School Tours and Shadow Days

While All Saints Catholic Academy may not currently be in session, we are OPEN FOR BUSINESS, and actively accepting and processing registration applications for this coming fall.  Beginning Wednesday, June 3, All Saints will begin offering 'in person' tours again!  Contact Patty Bajek, our Director of Student Services, to schedule your visit.  She can be reached at, or (630) 961-6125.  


The All Saints Catholic Academy faculty has worked tirelessly to formalize, implement, and communicate e-Learning plans for our students that have continued to push forward student learning.  We truly 'teach more'!   Click here to view our Teacher Blogs and calendars.  


You are invited to take a virtual tour of our beautiful All Saints Catholic Academy campus and classrooms by clicking on the 'Take a Virtual Tour' icon.  


We are happy to send you information about our programs and registration details via email; please contact Patty Bajek at    Mrs. Bajek would be happy to call you to discuss your student and family, and how All Saints might be a great fit for you this coming fall.  

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