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Sunday, May 26, 2024

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Saints Speak from Mrs. Marshall - 4/25/2024 - Being Open to the Quiet Presence of God

Please take a few moments to reflect on these words from Pope Francis: 


“Faith makes us open to the quiet presence of God at every moment of our lives, in every person and in every situation.” 


What a beautiful reminder of what faith can and should look like in our lives! May we all be open to God’s presence at each and every moment.


May Virtue and Resources

Our virtue for the month of May is diligence. How fitting for this last month of the school year, when we often can lose focus or rush through our work. May we all practice diligence these next few weeks, trying each day to complete all our assignments thoroughly and to the best of our ability. Click here for information on how you can practice this virtue at home.

As a Church, we use the month of May to honor not only our earthly mothers but also our heavenly mother, Mary. As a school community, we will be spending time this month to pray part of the Rosary each morning and spend some time in prayer reflecting on the mysteries of Christ's life. Consider taking some time to learn more about Mary at home this month as well. Click here for some resources related to our mother Mary that may be of interest to your family!


MAP Testing

Next week is our third and final session of MAP testing. As a reminder, MAP tests are in reading and mathematics and are untimed computer-based tests that students take independently. There is no way to study or prepare for these assessments. The best thing you can do is encourage your child to try his/her best on the test so we get accurate data. We look forward to celebrating our students’ academic growth and using this data to plan for their future success!

This is the last year we will be doing MAP testing. The entire Diocese of Joliet has selected a new assessment program, iReady, that we will begin using in the fall. At All Saints, iReady will replace both MAP and IOWA assessments. We will continue to use the CogAT assessment, as it provides a different type of data about each student. Our teachers will learn more in August and throughout next school year on how to administer the iReady assessment and how to use the data to improve instruction. We will share more information about the assessment program with parents in the fall.


Parking Lot Reminders

We have just five weeks remaining in the school year! During that time, while I know we’re all anxious to get home and enjoy the nicer weather or attend spring activities, please continue to be mindful of parking lot expectations during arrival and dismissal. As a reminder, please use both doors for drop off in the morning, going to whichever line is shortest to avoid traffic backing up onto Aurora Ave. If you are dropping off at Door 1, please remember to loop back to use the east driveway to exit. The west driveway is for cars coming around the building from Door 7. Thank you for your attention to these items so we can maintain a safe and efficient arrival/dismissal procedure these last few weeks!


Saintly Acts

We have many students to recognize today for their Saintly Acts! Congratulations and thank you to Udeme U. (Kdg), Veronica W. (Kdg), Aubrey C. (7th grade), Matthew G. (6th grade), Jaxson M. (1st grade), Tallula M. (7th grade), Renee S. (1st grade), Owen S. (5th grade), Nathaniel T. (7th grade), Stephen V. (5th grade), Paulina W. (1st grade), Brady K. (5th grade), Nico M. (5th grade), Drew S.F. (2nd grade), Mila V. (2nd grade), Beckett V. (2nd grade), Addison B. (7th grade), Bianca B. (7th grade), Bella B. (7th grade), Samantha C. (7th grade), Laila G. (7th grade), Michael H. (4th grade), Lilly H. (7th grade), Clare H. (7th grade), Blake J. (4th grade), Amelia J. (7th grade), Abbie L. (7th grade), Ashley S. (7th grade), Sophia S. (7th grade), Harper T. (7th grade), Rose T. (7th grade), Tristan V. (4th grade), and all of 1A. Keep being saintly!


Warm regards,


Margie Marshall



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