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Sunday, April 14, 2024

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Saints Speak - 1/26/2023 - Be Kind

Please take a few moments to reflect on today’s quote from Pope Francis: 


"Christians are ready to proclaim the Gospel because they can’t hide the joy that comes from knowing Christ.”


I wonder how much happier we would be if focused more on this - the joy of knowing Christ. When we let that joy shine through us, we are proclaiming the Gospel each day by our actions.


We had a beautiful Mass on Tuesday with Bishop Hicks! Thank you to those parents and family members that were able to join us. Bishop Hicks was very complimentary of our students at the end of Mass and as I took him on a tour of the school. He spoke highly of the ASCA community and the great work our teachers and families are doing to educate our children in both faith and academics.


In his homily, Bishop Hicks spoke of the importance of doing what is right, true, and good. He then summarized what this looks like for us in our daily lives with two simple words – be kind. We continue to pray, as we have done each day this year, for the strength and guidance to be kind always.


Catholic Schools Week

We are very excited to celebrate Catholic Schools Week! The celebration kicks off on Sunday with an Open House to welcome prospective families to All Saints. If you have a loved one, friend, or neighbor considering Catholic education for their child, encourage them to visit us! They may click here to sign up for a tour and learn more about ASCA.


We have so much fun planned for next week! Click here for your guide to daily happenings, what to wear each day, and everything you need to know for a great Catholic Schools Week. Parents are welcome to attend the 5th grade Saints Museum Monday evening, Junior High Talent Show, and Spelling Bees. Of course, we hope you’ll join us for our Friday morning Mass as well, at its usual time (8:15am)!


Science Fair

Today was our 7th grade Science Fair! The students have been working for months to research their topic, conduct their experiment, and analyze their results. Today, they presented to judges and shared their final projects and papers. Thank you to the many parents, grandparents, and friends of ASCA who served as judges this morning, and thank you to Mrs. Detwiler, Mrs. Hoeft, and all our teachers for preparing our students! Congratulations to all our 7th grade students on a great morning and a successful Science Fair. Our top eight projects have earned a Gold award AND will be going on to represent ASCA at the Regional Science Fair in March. A special congratulations to those eight students: Aldo Bolanos, Ella Davids, Chase Deckard, Britta Hinz, Grace Pinnow, Pyper Schweiner, Molly Spencer, and Natalie Tomeczko!


Math Awards

Before Christmas, several of our students participated in MathCounts, an after-school optional math contest. Congratulations to the following students who earned top scores and will be representing ASCA at the regional competition: Chase Deckard, Katie Deckard, Gavin Foley, Clare Hruby, Ty Hughes, Lucas Justice, Alex Lam, Abbie Ling, Lucas Ling, William Shields, Tyler Wojtowicz, and Alex Wold. Katie Deckard earned the top junior high score and will be the team captain – congratulations! Additionally, we had three 5th graders participate in the competition. While they are not allowed to go on to the regional level, congratulations to 5th grader James Budd, who earned the top overall score at ASCA!


Last weekend, several junior high students participated in the St. Francis High School Math Contest. Our Saints won 1st place as a school, and the A Team won first place on the team competition! Way to go! Congratulations to several students who also placed in the individual contest:

  • Alex Lam - 2nd place in the 7th grade individual contest
  • Tyler Wojtowicz - 7th place in the 8th grade individual contest
  • Katie Deckard - 5th place in the 8th grade individual contest
  • Alex Wold - 3rd place in the 8th grade individual contest


January Updates

The month of January has flown by! Our students have been learning about gratitude, self-awareness, poverty in America, and St. Theresa of Calcutta. Click here for a short video that our 4th graders made to teach you a bit about St. Theresa. As we have talked about poverty, in morning announcements I have shared information about the Catholic Social Teachings. Click here to read more about these seven teachings of the Church and how they connect to the poor and vulnerable in our world.


Saintly Acts

Congratulations to the following students who earned Saintly Acts this week: Clare H. (6th grade), Abbie L. (6th grade), Kyler J. (8th grade), JP B. (7th grade), Cody G. (7th grade), Caitlin A. (7th grade), Addison P. (2nd grade), Clementine H. (3rd grade), Mattison B. (4th grade), Lucas L. (6th grade), Gavin F. (6th grade), Mary D. (5th grade), Brady R. (5th grade), Henry R. (5th grade), Alayna H. (1st grade), Miles S. (1st grade), Mila V. (1st grade), and Charlotte H. (1st grade). Keep being saintly!


Warm regards,


Margie Marshall


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