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Friday, September 17, 2021

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Patty Bajek
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Saints Speak from Mrs. Marshall - 9/16/2021 - Welcome Grandparents and Special Friends

We are so excited to welcome many Grandparents and VIPs for tomorrow’s Grandparents Day celebration ! No matter our age, grandparents play an important role in each of our lives. In some families, grandparents are present daily, picking up from school, babysitting on the weekends, and attending dance recitals and sports games. For others, grandparents live out of state and in-person visits are less frequent; we are blessed with things like Zoom and FaceTime so we can stay connected even when we can’t be physically together. For yet others, we learn about our grandparents through stories as our families share memories, stories, and pictures of these loved ones we’ve lost.


Our grandparents are part of our history and part of our present. They are truly a blessing to our families and our community, and we thank them for their unconditional love and support. We look forward to having many of them join us in person tomorrow. They will ALL be in our prayers.

Here are a few quick reminders for the morning:


  • All grandparents/VIPs should enter Door 1 beginning at 8:30am. Masks are required.
  • To limit overcrowding in classrooms during the pandemic, we are limiting this year’s event to one grandparent per child. Thank you for your understanding.
  • If your grandparent/VIP plans to take their student out to lunch or home early, please notify your child’s homeroom teacher in writing in advance. The grandparent will then need to sign the child out at the welcome desk. We cannot allow students to leave with grandparents/VIPs without parent permission.
  • As a reminder, our mass will be at 10am tomorrow instead of the usual 8:15 time. You can click here to join us virtually. 


Yesterday we began National Hispanic-Latino Heritage Month, which is celebrated September 15-October 15 annually. Our Spanish teachers Señora Hepburn and Señora Myers will lead the students in staff in lessons and activities this month. Click here for more information on Hispanic Heritage Month and things you can explore at home with your child(ren).


Announcements in SchoolSpeak:

We recognize that there is a lot of information sent via email by Patty and myself, and sometimes it can be hard to search through email and find what you need. While we will still be emailing Saints Speak and Weekly Reminders, we are going to start using SchoolSpeak more as well. SchoolSpeak has an Announcements feature, where we can post information that you may need to refer back to throughout the year. Please check out this short video from Mrs. Detwiler showing you how to access the Announcements in SchoolSpeak. The first Announcement posted is information on the volunteer requirements for anyone interested in volunteering at ASCA.


ASCA Band:

We are excited to announce the return of Band ! Band is available to 4 th -8 th grade ASCA students through Music Education Services. Click here for more information.


Charleston Wrap Update:

With a little over a week left, we are getting close to our goal of $30,000! We have sold $22,081.00 and over $8,200.00 has been earned for FFO.  More prizes went out this week and more to come for those who register and send invites to 10+ people.  Only 8 days left, so go online, register, share with friends and family and meet your Family Fundraiser Obligation while getting great gifts!


We have another group of students to recognize today! Thanks to these students for receiving Saintly Acts this week: Sloan H. (1 st grade), Axel A. (1 st grade), Jayden N. (5 th grade), Mikey P. (5 th grade), Victoria K. (8 th grade), Zachary L. (3 rd grade), Nathan E. (3 rd grade), Aubrey Z. (1 st grade), Russell D. (Kdg), Edgar M. (2 nd grade), Isabella R. (2 nd grade), Teddy E. (2 nd grade), Simone D. (1 st grade), Ronin A. (PK), Van A. (PK), Scarlett A. (3 rd grade), Sydney D. (7 th grade), Micah F. (3 rd grade), Claire V. (7 th grade), Matthew G. (4 th grade), Hudson M. (2 nd grade), Samantha C. (5 th grade), Gavin F. (5 th grade), and Morgan S. (5 th grade). Keep it up, Saints!


Warm regards,


Margie Marshall


Shine Bright!


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