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Monday, May 20, 2024

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Saints Speak - 2/23/2023 - A Grandparent's Wisdom

Please take a few minutes to reflect on today’s quote from Pope Francis: 


“Do you open your hearts to the memories that your grandparents pass on? Grandparents are like the wisdom of the family, they are the wisdom of a people.”


The relationship we have with our grandparents is such a special one. Whether they live near or far, whether we see them often or only on holidays, we feel their unconditional love for us always. Hearing their stories helps us understand our family structure, see our parents, aunts, and uncles in a different light, and gain a deeper appreciation of how our family has grown and changed over the years. This wisdom of the past, these stories of often simpler and more straightforward times, can guide us as we navigate whatever challenges today presents. May we keep the words and wisdom of our grandparents in our hearts today and always.



Yesterday we began the liturgical season of Lent. Thank you to all who joined us for Mass. Our 1st graders did a beautiful job ministering! As part of our daily announcements, each morning throughout Lent we will share a short scripture passage as well as a Faith in Action Challenge for our students. These challenges are straightforward, tangible ways we can grow closer to Christ and one another this Lenten season. Ask your child about the daily challenge when you pick him/her up from school, and consider participating yourself!


In our classrooms, we have also created prayer jars with each students’ prayer intentions, making sure that we have at least 40 prayers for the Lenten season. Each day we will take one or more of these slips out of the jar and pray as a class for those intentions. We would encourage our families to do the same at home!


Person of the Month

Our Person of the Month for February is St. Martin de Porres. Click here for a short video about St. Martin created by our 3rd grade students. We will not have a Person of the Month for March as we focus on our Lenten initiatives.


Great Gatsby Gala

DDA invitations were mailed nearly two weeks ago, but we’ve heard that some of our Naperville families have yet to receive them. We are following up with the post office and apologize for any inconvenience. You ARE invited, and we hope to see you there!! I've had a chance to preview many of the auction items, and they are fantastic! Visit the DDA website to RSVP today.


Also, if you haven’t gotten in on the Cash Calendar fun yet, click here to purchase your $10 ticket! There is a winner every day from now until the DDA, with daily prizes ranging from $20 to $200. Don’t miss your chance to be a winner!


Parking Lot Reminders

Unfortunately we are still receiving concerning complaints about arrival and dismissal. Please remember to be courteous and careful to look out for the safety of all ASCA families on campus. During arrival/dismissal times, the west driveway is ENTER ONLY, and the east driveway is EXIT ONLY. Thank you for your attention to this so everyone can enter and exit campus safely and efficiently.


Saintly Acts

Congratulations to the following students who earned Saintly Acts this week: Julie-Ann C. (1st grade), Liam K. (1st grade), Mattison B. (4th grade), Annet E. (1st grade). Geena C. (1st grade), Blake J. (3rd grade), Alannah O. (Kdg), Kevon G. (Kdg), the student choir, Ella D. (7th grade), Christian V. (2nd grade), Alexa L. (2nd grade), Erin K. (8th grade), Josie N. (2nd grade), and Liam B. (2nd grade). Keep being saintly!


Warm regards,


Margie Marshall


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