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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

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Summer SCRIP Purchases

All school families are responsible for what we call the Family Fundraising Obligation (or FFO) at All Saints.  


  • The FFO for families with Kindergarten through Grade 8 students is $500 per family
  • The FFO for families with preschool only students is $250 per family.

Families have until April 30, 2022 to fundraise to meet their 2021-2022 FFO.  All Saints does offer a number of different fundraising opportunities throughout the school year for you to complete this obligation. 


There is one opportunity that is available to ALL school families right now, and that is our SCRIP program.  


SCRIP is a convenient and powerful fundraising program which earns money for the school, helps school families satisfy their Family Fundraising Obligation (FFO), and can even generate future year's tuition credit through the purchase of gift cards to establishments where the buyer regularly shops, dines, purchases their morning coffee, or travels.

For every gift card purchaseda percentage goes towards your Family Fundraising Obligation (FFO).  Families pay the face value of the gift card, and the percentage offered by the retailer will go toward your FFO.


How does this work?


For example, your family is planning on going out for dinner at the Outback Steakhouse.  Gift cards for Outback offer a 10% rebate.  You purchase $100 worth of gift cards for Outback via SCRIP.  You earn $10, or 10% of $100 toward your FFO!   It is as easy as that!


Now say you are planning on purchasing some uniforms for your student from Lands' End.   Gift cards for Lands' End offer a 15% rebate.  You purchase $200 worth of gift cards for Lands' End via SCRIP.  You earn $30, or 15% of $200 toward your FFO!


AND, once you have fully met your FFO, 50% of any additional SCRIP earnings will become a tuition credit for the 2022-2023 school year.  You are welcome to have Grandma and Grandpa, or Aunt Nellie set up an account, and earmark their earnings toward your student/family.  


It is easy to get started earning TODAY!   


You must be asking yourself, 'What do I need to do?'


  • #1:  Download the RaiseRight Fundraising app on your smartphone.  


  • At this time you can only order E Cards or Cards that indicate that they can be shipped to your home (Ship-to Home cards).  


  • What is the cost?  Pay by Bank Transfer ($0.15 per order) or Credit Card (2.60% fee).  Personal checks are not accepted.


  • Use the RaiseRight app on your smartphone to order E Cards or ship-to-home cards.  Please contact our Scrip team at when registering for the code.  Please be sure to enter your student's name to receive FFO credit.  


  • For vendors that do not have e-cards or ship-to-home options, you will have a chance to purchase from those vendors once the school year begins in the fall.   

The Illinois Tax Credit Scholarship

You may have heard about Invest in Kids Tax Credit Scholarships. The program, which becomes effective in Illinois on January 2, 2018, will offer scholarships to students from low-income families who choose to attend private elementary and high schools in the state. In order to qualify for scholarship aid, student families must earn less than 300 percent of the federal poverty level; $73,800 for a family of four.


From a donor’s perspective, the program offers both individuals and corporations the opportunity to make donations to an independent Scholarship Granting Organization (SGO) in return for a tax credit on their Illinois income tax equal to 75% of their gift.


Empower Illinois is the preferred SGO of the Diocese of Joliet. (Note that if you apply for the Illinois tax credit, you will be unable to include the donation to the SGO as a deduction on your federal tax return.)  Individual donors who participate in the Invest in Kids program should designate All Saints Catholic Academy as their school of choice when they make their donation to Empower Illinois. Funds directed to All Saints through this program can only be used to provide scholarship assistnace to student families that (a) have made application to the Empower Illinois SGO requesting assistance and (b) meet the household income eligibility requirements. The law gives initial priority to student families who are most in need or who reside in school districts with “Focus” public schools.


In order to apply for a tax credit under the program, donors must visit, create an account and request a Letter ID.   Your Letter ID must be issued before you reserve your tax credits.


As the details for this program are just now coming together, we understand that obtaining your Letter ID can take 7-10 business days. Therefore, it is very important that you register and receive your Letter ID immediately so you are prepared to apply for your tax credits on January 2nd.


Please click here for detailed Illinois Tax Credit Scholarship donor instructions.  


Interested donors will be able to apply for their Invest in Kids tax credits on the Illinois Department of Revenue’s website beginning on January 2, 2018. It is expected that the entire allotment of tax credits will be claimed within minutes of their becoming available. So please, visit and register today.


By making a gift to Empower Illinois in 2018 and designating All Saints as your school of choice, you will be offering students who otherwise couldn’t afford to attend our school the opportunity to do so. A great way to invest in a Saint!


Of course, you may always support our school directly by visiting:


Thank you for your participation!



All Saints Catholic Academy
1155 Aurora Ave
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