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Friday, February 28, 2020

Parent Resources

Programs, Facts and Forms

Facts and Forms

All Saints Catholic Academy Strategic Plan

Please click here for the current Strategic Plan.


Tuition and Fees Paid in Calendar Year 2019

To access and print out this information that you may need for tax purposes, please see the following instructions (please note that the school will not be sending these documents home in hard copy.  Parents are responsible for printing out their own copy):


  1. Log into your FACTS account.
  1. Click on View Details in the Payment Plan and Billing box.
  1. Next - click on the View Payment Summary Box.
  1. Next - Select the year 2019 from the pull down menu.  This will give you all of your payments via FACTS for calendar year 2019.
  1. Print document.


Questions?  Please contact Maryanne Higdon at


Parent Teacher Conferences - Thursday, November 7 - No Classes

There is no school today.   Conferences will take place from 11 am - 8 pm.  There will be a dinner break from 5 - 6 pm.  

Kindergarten – Grade 5 Conferences
Signups for Kindergarten through Grade 5 conferences will take place online via SchoolSpeak.  Please note that conferences will be 15 minutes in length.

Preschool Conferences
Preschool conference scheduling is not done via SchoolSpeak, but Sign Up Genius.  Information will be sent on sign ups.

Junior High Conferences
Conferences for junior high students will be conducted in an arena style in the school gym.  Parents may choose to visit with some or all of the junior high and specials teachers anytime during the conference schedule.  

How does this work?  Families can choose which teachers they wish to meet with and head to their designated area of the gym.  You do not need to schedule a specific time to meet with teachers.  Conferences will be 5 minutes in length.  They will be on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.  This will give parents the opportunity to meet with each teacher their child has if they so choose, or just a few based on their child’s classroom performance.  

We hope that you take advantage of this important time to get to know your son or daughter’s teacher(s), and to dialogue with them about how we all can work together in the best interest of your student’s success at All Saints.  Also, please be mindful to the teacher (and other parents) time.      

Our Junior High Student Voices will be providing child care in Cafe 1 on conference day from 11 am - 5 pm; and 6 - 8 pm.   Thank you to Student Voices for giving your time to the All Saints community on these days off of school.  

Students do not attend conferences unless requested by the teacher.  

How can both parent and teacher best approach these upcoming conferences?

1. Take this time to meet with each other, and to listen carefully.

2. Focus on the best interests of the student.

3. Prepare and come to the conference with questions.  

4. Share information about the student’s strengths and needs.  Treat each other as integral parts of the planning and decision making team.  

5. Allow all present to express opinions and give suggestions.  Approach any disagreements or differences in opinion in a manner that encourages mutual problem solving and respect.

6. Concentrate on determining a positive course of action.

Another important communication that will be coming home in the next few weeks on Friday, November 1 is your student’s first quarter report card.  Students in grades 3 – 8 will also be receiving copies of their standardized testing scores.  

This is a snapshot in time, and a great opportunity for you to discuss the report card with your student, and their next steps moving forward.


Important Announcement For All School Families

The State of Illinois passed a bill this past year which has become a requirement for schools who are recognized by the State.  

The law is as follows:

Public Act 100-996 recently amended the School Safety Drill Act to require all schools in Illinois to conduct at least one (1) annual active shooter or active threat drill, effective January 1, 2019. The drill must occur within 90 days after the first day of each school year, meaning the 2019-2020 school year.  Pursuant to the amendment, these drills are to be conducted in order to evaluate the preparedness of school personnel and students in response to a school shooting threat, which has unfortunately become all too common in recent years.

This requirement previously provided that drills could be conducted on days and times when students were not present in the school building.  Following the amendment, the Act now requires active shooter drills to be conducted on days and times when students are typically present in the school building, and the drills must involve participation from all personnel and students present at the school at the time of the drill.  The Act does provide that administrators or school support personnel may, in their discretion, exempt students from participation in the drill.  Finally, the Act now provides that the appropriate local law enforcement agency must observe administration of the drill.

What does this mean for All Saints?

Since this is new to All Saints Catholic Academy this year, we have invited Sergeant Tim Erdman from the Naperville Police Department to address the parents about what to expect during the drill; and how to best speak to your children about the drill. 

Sergeant Erdman will be at All Saints Catholic Academy on Wednesday, November 13th to train our staff after school; and will then come to speak to our ASCA parents on Tuesday, November 19th from 6:00 - 6:30 pm.  Sergeant Erdman’s presentation will take place just before Detective Wistocki’s presentation on Cyber Safety which will take place from 6:30 - 8:30 pm. 

Please be aware that our preschool students will not be involved in the active shooter portion of our drill; they will, however, take part in the lockdown portion of the drill.  Also, note that all safety information presented to students with respect to the active shooter portion of our drill will be done in an age appropriate way.


All parents are strongly encouraged to attend these two presentations.  Please note that students will NOT be allowed to attend either presentation or be in the building on the evening of November 19.  This is a parent only presentation.  Teachers will also be in attendance on the 19th.



Returning to ASCA in November – Detective Rich Wistocki

Tuesday, November 19 – 6:30 – 8:30 pm     

Thank you to our All Saints Parents Association (ASPA) for sponsoring this event.  Naperville Police Department employee and child crime expert, Detective Richard Wistocki has dedicated his career to helping children by tirelessly pursuing, apprehending and prosecuting child predators; and he will be at All Saints on Tuesday, November 19 to help us! 

We are living in a different age with our children than the world that we grew up in.  Our children and young people have access to powerful technology and information as close as the palms of their hands.  

We must be informed, vigilant, and engaged with our children and students to keep them safe in the cyber world that extends far beyond our home, school, and neighborhoods. 

ASCA welcomes retired Naperville Police Department Detective and child crime expert, Detective Richard Wistocki, who has dedicated his career to helping children by tirelessly pursuing, apprehending and prosecuting child predators.  As an active Cyber Crimes Detective, he educates Law Enforcement using cutting edge investigative techniques, and parents and students on responsible digital activity.


We need all school parents who are able to come, to be present to hear our speakers

in the ASCA School gym on Tuesday, November 19 from 6 - 8:30 PM. 


More about Detective Wistocki –

  • 30 year, decorated member of Law Enforcement
  • 23 year SWAT team member
  • Authored the State of Illinois Sexting Law
  • Authored the State of Illinois Sexual Exploitation of a Child Law
  • Member of The United States Secret Service Chicago Electronic Crimes Task Force (CECTF)
  • Member of The Illinois Attorney General’s Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force (ICAC)
  • High Technology Crimes Detective, Naperville IL  
  • Formed the Will County Illinois States Attorney’s High Technology Crimes Unit that made over 90 sexual predator arrests in its first 3 ½ years.
  • ​Created Juvenile Justice Online, a first of its kind diversion program redefining the future of positive juvenile reform.


It is time to start creating the annual graduation morphing video of our graduating class. It is presented at the graduation dinner and is a very touching, beautiful and emotional tribute to all families by watching our kids’ transformation over the years. We need your help to provide the first four photos of your child’s life as soon as possible. This is a very time intensive project.


PLEASE TURN IN YOUR CHILD’S FOUR (4) PICTURES as soon as possible but no later than MONDAY, DECEMBER 9th.


The following photos requested below are suggestions.  If you don’t have the exact timing requested still please provide 4 pictures showing their growth progression from infancy.  Remember the goal of the video is to show how your child has grown through the years:


Photo 1: Newborn photo or from first year

Photo 2: Toddler

Photo 3: Kindergarten or 1st grade

Photo 4: 4th or 5th grade

Photo 5: We will use the 8th grade photo taken at school in the graduation gown.  You do not need to supply this one.


Some helpful hints:

  • Photo should clearly show your child’s face. The full head must be shown.  Do not have part of their head or hair cut off.  Portrait shots work best.  Head must be facing forward so both eyes and cheeks are visible.  Eyes should be open.
  • Your child’s head should not take up more than 75% of the photo.
  • Another person can be in the photo if they are next to your child, as long as your child’s entire head is shown.  The other person’s face will not appear in the video.
  • Please only use color photos.


Submission Process:

Digital Photos:

  1. Email ONE photo per email to  If you include multiple photos in one email, they may be compressed and the quality could be lost. 
  2. Include your child’s name and either their age in the photo or a number to indicate the order of the photos in the subject of the email.  Send them at the largest size (highest resolution) possible. 
  3. Copy them to a Flash drive in order from youngest to oldest.  Complete the Morphing Photo Submission Form and send to the school office in an envelope marked Morphing Video. Flash drives will be returned.


For Printed photos:

  1. Use at least 4X6” photos for best resolution
  2. If you scan at home, be sure the resolution is at least 200dpi.
  3. You can send the printed photos along with a Morphing Photo Submission Form to the All Saints office labeled Morphing Pictures NEED SCANNING.  The office staff will assist by scanning them to a removable drive at school.  All photos will be returned.


Please click here for the Morphing Video Photo Submission Form.


Thank you in advance for your timely cooperation.  If you have questions please contact Alma Alvarez or Monica Risdon at


Grandparents Day – Tuesday, November 26

We are so excited that we will be celebrating Grandparents Day once again, which will be held just prior to Thanksgiving on Tuesday, November 26; and we look forward to welcoming all Grandparents and Special Guests into our school community.  We need your help.  If you are new to ASCA or if your grandparent or special guest has moved within the past year, PLEASE take a minute to click here to complete the attached address form, or send an email to and provide us with their name, complete mailing address and their respective students' names and grades.  Completed forms may be returned to the office or front desk by the form deadline Wednesday, October 9.  Unsure if they can come?  Turn in your form anyways! 


Also, we are in need of a volunteer to help compile a photo montage that will play on a loop during the event.  Photos will be provided and this can be done from home at your convenience.  We do ask that the montage be produced on a PC for compatibility purposes.


Lastly, this event is exclusively for grandparents or VIP’s in our children’s lives however, we encourage any parents that wish to be part of the day to volunteer in one of the many capacities available.  Volunteer sign up will take place in early November and as always all volunteers must have completed the PGC and background check.


Questions or want to volunteer?  Please contact


2019-2020 School Supply Online Ordering/Lists

Online ordering continues through the end of September. Complete your order on line at, and use the school's account number which is ALL233.  


Orders placed after July 7 will be sent directly to school families within 3-5 business days.  Please retain a copy of the order confirmation email for your records.


Please click here for ordering information and pricing. Please note that Educational Products Inc. (our school supply kit provider) uses descriptions that match their inventory. You certainly have the option to purchase similar supplies elsewhere.  Please click here if you wish to view the 2019-2020 school supply lists.  If you have any questions, please contact Kathy Kokkinos at



SCRIP is a convenient and powerful fundraising program which earns money for the school, helps school families satisfy their Family Fundraising Obligation, and can even generate future year's tuition credit through the purchase of gift cards/certificates to establishments where the buyer is already shopping anyway!

These gift cards and certificates carry full purchasing power and generate revenue for our school families which range from 4% or 5% (Mariano's, Jewel, Koh's, JCPenney) to 10% and higher (Macy's, Gap, Lands' End)!

Gor more information and to get started , you can download the following forms and links:


SCRIP Retailers and Rebate Percents

SCRIP Program Overview

2019-2020 SCRIP Easy Order Info

2019-2020 SCRIP Gift Card Order Release

2019-2020 SCRIP Permission Waiver for Student to Receive Scrip Gift Card Orders

ASCA SCRIP Wisdom from a recently graduated ASCA School Family


Please contact with any questions.  


Record Release Forms

Form to Obtain Student Records Release from ASCA

Records Release Form to ASCA


All Saints Catholic Academy Technology Plan

The Diocese stresses its commitment to the analyses of the progress that students, teachers, administrators and individual schools make towards the effective use of technology to achieve 21st Century skills.

To review this PDF of the Technology Plan, click here


Miscellaneous Program and Policy Information

Click here for the Illinois School Bus Safety Program for Pre K and Grades K - 8

Click here for the School Bus Safety Curriculum - Field Trip Safety Reminders

Click here for the Diocese of Catholic Schools Office Student Agreement for Internet Access and Related Technology Use

Click here for the Diocese of Catholic Schools Office Social Media Policy

Click here for ASCA's Bullying Prevention Policy

Click here for ASCA's Non Discrimination Policy.  



ASCA Parent Student Handbook

Please click here to view the 2019-2020 ASCA Parent Student Handbook.  Please note that all school families are required to review the contents of the handbook and sign off that they have completed this important task, and agree to be bound by the contents of the handbook.  


All Saints Catholic Academy is an elementary school that is part of the Diocese of Joliet; and thus adopts in whole as part of All Saints Catholic Academy’s own school policies, all school related policies set forth by the Catholic Schools Office of the Diocese of Joliet.   


All Diocese of Joliet schools must be recognized by the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE).  School communities and their principals must  be in general compliance with applicable sections of the Illinois School Code, along with relevant case law (including Plyler v Doe), and with 23 Illinois Administrative Code Pat 425 to maintain ISBE recognition.   

School Wellness Checklist

Click here for the 2016-2017 School Wellness Checklist.

Click here for the 2017-2018 School Wellness Checklist.

Click here for the 2018-2019 School Wellness Checklist.

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