A Prayer for Our School

God, our Father and Creator, be with us in our school.

Help us to treasure your gift of life and treat one another with care.

Let us always remember that we are all created in your image.

Come, Lord Jesus, and be with us in our school.

Guide our teachers, guide our parents, and lead our students to recognize you in all people.

Come, Lord Jesus, and be with us in our school.

Give us a vision for the future, and the determination for shaping a faith-filled future.


The Role of Diversity and Fraternity in Our Church and Our School

In our All Saints school community, in our parishes, across our country, and in the worldwide Roman Catholic Church, we increasingly are called to accept and to preach the importance of diversity and of fraternity, of acceptance and appreciation for all humans who are our brothers and our sisters.  In our lifetime, we have had no finer spokesperson for fraternity guided by faith and the Holy Spirit than Pope Francis, as evidenced by his profound message at his first World Day of Peace, January 1, 2014.  It will help to reflect on these quotes:

“In the heart of every man and woman is the desire for a full life, including that irrepressible longing for fraternity which draws us to fellowship with others and enables us to see them not as enemies or rivals, but as brothers and sisters to be accepted and embraced.

 “We should remember that fraternity is generally first learned in the family, thanks above all to the responsible and complementary roles of each of its members, particularly the father and the mother. The family is the wellspring of all fraternity, and as such it is the foundation and the first pathway to peace, since, by its vocation, it is meant to spread its love to the world around it.”

The Pope offers us fraternity as no less than the foundation and pathway to peace, a prerequisite for fighting poverty, the key to economic justice in the world and the means to extinguish wars.

While fraternity begins with your families at home, it moves quickly and naturally to our school family which has the next responsibility and opportunity for engendering faith and spirituality in our children.  At All Saints, we have been blessed since our earliest days with an awareness of our sacred calling to fraternity, to acceptance and celebration of our diversity.  At All Saints Catholic Academy, ALL are welcome.  As a community, we are greatly blessed!



What Parents are Saying About All Saints

We LOVE, LOVE All Saints. The teachers and staff are nurturing and friendly. The environment is positive and challenging. I have a 7th and 2nd grade student at the school, and they have learned so much and love the environment. The older students are "buddies" with the younger students which really creates a community. The students are held to a VERY high standard of discipline, academic excellence, and good behavior.

John and Shante Nolan, St. Margaret Mary Parish

More Testimonials

I wanted to let you know that your school is a wonderful place!  We've attended several volleyball and basketball games of our friend's daughter who is a student at All Saints, as well as some holiday programs, and always enjoy the interaction with other families.  


As a by-product of a Catholic education, we understand the value of having this solid foundation in place as one enters adulthood. We are so proud that our friend's daughter is receiving this wonderful education, and see the great young lady that she is becoming.

Rob and Karen Nowosielski

 We wanted a Catholic education for our daughter and had looked at 5 Catholic schools in the surrounding area before we heard about All Saints. After reading up on ASCA, taking an informative tour of the school and praying about it, we knew clearly that the only choice for us was All Saints Catholic Academy. We drive quite a long way to and from school, yet the longer we are at ASCA, the more we firmly believe we made the right decision and the more we love being at All Saints. Focus on the individual pupil, a challenging curriculum, strong emphasis on Catholic values and traditions where students are enabled and fostered to live out their faith daily, and caring and loving teachers, staff and fellow families are just a few of the many benefits an ASCA education offers. Our daughter comes home enthused about what she is learning, talks about Jesus and being Catholic, and is already saying she wants to go to a Catholic high school. We are very thankful we found All Saints Catholic Academy, and so very glad to be a part of the All Saints family.

Dave and Maria Gillette, St. Elizabeth Seton Parish

I remember sitting in church years ago listening to someone talk about gathering support for a new Naperville Regional Catholic School. I also remember thinking that it wasn't for our family. We chose to live where we do because of the good public schools. When it was time for our oldest, Charlie, to begin Kindergarten, we considered the neighborhood school and the school where he attended preschool.

Also, at the gentle urging of my mom, we went to the All Saints open house. We heard Dr. Renehan speak of the mission and the vision for the school, and it was all we needed to hear! We thank God every day that we made that choice. We can see the difference in our children's development of their faith. Our younger son, Michael, talked about, "Jesus, Mary, and Joseph," at a much earlier age. We share a time of prayer together every night as a family. And, we have become more involved in our parish as a result of our kids attending All Saints.

Another large benefit to All Saints would be the friendships we've made. Our kids have made wonderful friends, and we, as a result, have made life-long friendships with other parents. The school has made such a positive impact on all of our lives. I can't imagine what our life would be like if we did not make that choice!

Chris Gambs, St. Thomas the Apostle Parish

We have been with All Saints Catholic Academy since the school opened its doors in 2005. When we first moved to Naperville, I was told how fantastic academically the schools were and that is true. However since my husband and I went to Catholic Schools, we felt we wanted the same educational experience for them as well. We soon found out that there weren't enough Catholic Schools in the area..........so we prayed. Shortly thereafter we read in the paper there was a new Catholic School opening in the area. We truly believe that a catholic school education is a gift, which will become a part of who our children are and will help to shape their character. We felt very strongly that this was a gift we wanted to pass on to our children. Jim and I feel very strongly that giving our children a strong foundation of their faith will help to reinforce what we are teaching at home. All Saints Catholic Academy has truly surpassed our expectations both in academics and in living our Catholic faith. All Saints embraces servant leadership not just through its teachings but enables the students to live their faith everyday. The students are learning in an environment surrounded by God's love. When I drop my children off at the front doors of school, I know they are taught and cared for by people of strong faith who have truly become an extension of our family. All Saints Catholic Academy embodies our Catholic beliefs and enables our children to be proud of their faith. The children learn world cultures while incorporating social justice issues. The compassionate giving which the children experience throughout their school year teaches them to be saints within their parish, community and world. All Saints Catholic Academy has provided a diverse, rich academic environment filled with faith and love............our prayer answered!

Jim and Maureen Juhas, Holy Spirit Catholic Community

The one thing I love about ASCA is that we know what the purpose of the school is. It is to create, nurture, and deepen and wonderful relationship with God. I believe that the lower number of students per class allows children to be active participants in the educational process. In addition, each child gets a wonderful opportunity to develop a spiritual and educational relationship with their teacher and classmates. Helping to open and create a brand new school was an exciting opportunity for Karen and me. Now that it is open, we see our roles as to help build and nurture new meaningful and lasting traditions.

Mike Snyder, St. Elizabeth Seton Parish

ASCA provided our family the opportunity to be a part of the development and growth of a new Catholic school that is focused on preparing future leaders with a keen sense of responsibility in a diverse world.

Colleen Ryan, St. Margaret Mary Parish

We want to teach our children and help teach other families that when you put Christ first in your life, He always provides. This is a hard lesson to live by since we as parents worry about time, money, and other worldly things, but when Tammy and I have made decisions that put Christ first, we have ALWAYS been rewarded with a means to find the time, money or what ever the world has challenged us with.

Mike and Tammy Kuppinger, St. Elizabeth Seton Parish

Our journey to All Saints Catholic Academy began when our oldest daughter was only a year old. We heard about the Naperville Regional Catholic School committee through our parish, St. Margaret Mary, and I got involved right away. There were other Catholic grade schools in the area, but with waiting lists, and not associated with our home parish. My husband, Brian, attended Catholic school his entire life. I, on the other hand, attended Naperville public schools through eighth grade, and then went to a Catholic high school by choice. The difference was beyond compare. The feeling of belonging, of family, of service was tangible even as a teenager. Given the choice, even with the excellent academic record of our area public schools, we could not pass up the opportunity to be part of the All Saints family.

Cindy Flynn, St. Margaret Mary Parish

When Mike & I first bought a house in Naperville, we didn't even inquire what school district it was in--we were so certain that we would be sending our children to Catholic schools. Both of us are the product of 16 years of Catholic education, and we wanted to give our children the same gift we had received: the opportunity to be surrounded by faith throughout our days. Imagine our surprise when we discovered that given the long waiting lists at local Catholic schools, we were unlikely to be able to send our children to Catholic schools. Our children started school in District 203, and we had a great experience there. Our parish's religious education program helped them grow in their faith, and they were doing well. However, we felt there was something missing, and I always felt a tinge of longing whenever I heard my siblings and friends in other cities talk about their children's experiences in Catholic schools. When our parish began to investigate starting a new school, we signed on to help those efforts, and we were thrilled when the school opened in time for our children to benefit. All Saints has given our children the rich, faith-filled experience we had hoped for. In addition to providing an excellent education, All Saints is a community where each child is treasured, and where parents form great friendships. By participating in weekly Masses and having several opportunities each year to plan and lead the liturgy with their classmates, the students at All Saints develop a sense of ownership and responsibility for the liturgy that bodes well for the future of our Church. They learn that science and faith do not have to be in competition--that we can fully explore the wonders of our world while growing in appreciation to the God who created it. And they learn that, like Peter, James and Andrew in the gospel, each of them is personally called to be of service to others.

Theresa Hawley, St. Margaret Mary Parish

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