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Administrative Staff

Melissa Santos, Principal -

Patty Bajek, Director of Student Services -

Maryanne Higdon, Office Manager and Bookkeeper -

Diane Huber, Business Manager -

Susan Fuller, School Nurse -

Geri Everson, Welcome Desk Attendant - AM -

Kathy Kokkinos, Welcome Desk Attendant - PM -

Nikki Vanderhyden - Before School Care Coordinator -

Christine Shaw - Hot Lunch Coordinator -

RLS Tutoring - After School Care - Kathy Biegalski -


Name: Melissa Santos

Position: Principal

Years in Education: 30

Years at ASCA: 4


Educational Background:   

BA-University of Dayton

MA-Concordia University


Why do you choose to work in a Catholic School?

I have always felt at home in Catholic Schools.  I have taught in three different Catholic School settings and three public school settings.  The dedication of the faculty and staff in a Catholic setting has always been something I admire.  I also prefer Catholic schools because of the parents and students.  There are always so many parents who want to help and get involved in the school and be a part of their children's lives.  Catholic Schools are filled with good people all around!


What is your favorite thing about ASCA?

The family feeling where all are welcome.  The school is a big place with a lot of people, yet it feels like a family.  I love the kids, their parents and the staff. It's a great place to work and raise my family!


Name: Patty Bajek (Founding Staff Member)

Position: Director of Student Services

Years in Education: 15

Years at ASCA: 15


Educational Background:   

BS - DePaul University (Accounting)

CPA (Illinois)


Why do you choose to work in a Catholic School?

I believe in the lifetime impact that a Catholic Education makes on an individual.  A Catholic Education will provide superior academics and spiritual formation that are the key to producing faith-filled, productive adults with kind hearts.


What is your favorite thing about ASCA?

The sense of family.  Students and their families who are known and loved.  I am truly humbled to know and to be able to serve our students and school families.


Name: Susan Fuller

Position: School Nurse

Years at ASCA: 1


Educational Background:   

Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Loyola University Chicago.  Susan has worked for 6 years with Edward-Elmhurst Health in the field of rheumatology but has over 35 years of nursing experience including working in the ICU, autoimmune disease, neurology, home healthcare and 8 years of school nursing.

Susan has been married to her husband Joe for over 26 years; and has three beautiful children who are 25, 23 and 19 years old.  She is an Illinois native, and has lived in the Naperville area for 26 years.  In her free time she enjoys traveling, spending time with family and playing tennis, pickleball and swimming.   She is looking forward to meeting the students and families of ASCA.


Name: Maryanne Higdon

Position: Office Manager

Years in Education: 18

Years at ASCA: 13


Why do you choose to work in a Catholic School?

I love living my faith life to the fullest.


What is your favorite thing about ASCA?

The community is a big family.


Name: Diane Huber (Founding Staff Member)

Position: Business Manager

Years in Education: 41

Years at ASCA: 15


Educational Background:   

BS/BA-University of Mary

MA-Seattle University


Why do you choose to work in a Catholic School?

Because God has called me to work in Catholic education.


What is your favorite thing about ASCA?

The students, faculty, staff, and all the school families!



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