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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Family Fundraising Obligation

Overview of 2017-2018 Family Fundraising Obligation (FFO) Options


Part of the tuition and fees structure at All Saints is the Family Fundraising Obligation, or FFO, a per-family rather than per-student fee set at $500 for families with one or more students in kindergarten through 8th grade, and $250 for families with one or more students only in pre-school.

In the Diocese of Joliet, each school is required to offer families some fundraising opportunities as a part of the cost-to-educate plan.  All Saints Catholic Academy works hard to keep fundraising at a minimum, and does not foster the concept of children making solicitations for their school.  We will offer each family an opportunity to meet their fundraising commitment in various ways, as outlined below.  (Please be advised that there will be, from time to time, other fundraisers at the school that do not qualify for FFO credit, which benefit other areas such as operating budget, classroom initiatives and various charitable activities.)

As an All Saints school family, you may quickly begin fundraising by participating in our Gift Wrap sale which will be announced before the end of August, or by ordering Scrip gift cards or certificates.  Other options will be offered as the year progresses.  It is our experience that families who systematically utilize a combination of these programs will be most successful at meeting their FFO by the April 2018 due date and not having to arrange for direct payment.

Approved Fundraising Options

1. Charleston Gift Wrap and Gift Sale

Each year we have a fall fund-raiser, selling wrapping paper and supplies and a selection of gift items as well as Christmas cards and magazines.  Since 2015, we have a new gift wrap vendor whose array of products have been very well received, Charleston Wrap.  This fundraiser begins with distribution of catalogs in late August, continues with orders placed in mid-September, and concludes with delivery of orders to the school or to buyers’ homes in early November.

Orders can be submitted by our school families and their extended families and friends using traditional Paper Order Forms. Extended families and friends will need to make payment directly to the submitting school family, because total balances are ultimately paid by the school family using our automated FACTS payment system.  For items paid for via FACTS and sent to the school for pick-up, credits of 50% to 30% will be applied toward your FFO commitment. 

On-line credit card orders, whether from school families or from their extended families and friends, will also be credited to your FFO account, provided the person placing the order has entered the school and family identifiers.  On these orders, credits will range from 40% to 30%.

Direct home delivery of on-line credit card orders is available, with shipping charges waived on orders of $75 or more.   Another option to avoid delivery charges is to have the order delivered to the school to the attention of your family, along with traditional Paper Order Form orders.

2. Auction Item Donations

Our annual Dinner Dance Auction (DDA) will be held on Saturday, March 17, 2018 (St. Patrick's Day).  To receive credit toward their FFO commitment, families may donate their own auction items, or obtain item donations from businesses not presently solicited by the DDA Committee, and apply the winning bid amount of the item(s) to their FFO. 

The sale amount of auction items that will be applied to a family’s fundraising commitment will not exceed their $500 or $250 FFO for the 2017-2018 school year. There is no carryover or tuition credit on sale amounts in excess of a family’s FFO commitment. 

In the fall, when auction items are solicited, helpful guidance will be offered by the DDA Committee on the number and the minimum value of items that can be donated and the types of items we find are most desirable. Information is also available on businesses we already solicit each year.

3. Scrip Cards and Certificates

Throughout the school year, we offer families the opportunity to purchase gift cards and certificates for grocery and department stores, gas stations, local restaurants, travel services and many other businesses.  A percentage of the purchase offered by these retailers, etc. (typically 1 1/2% to 6%, but as much 10% or more) will be applied toward the fundraising commitment.  (For more information on the wide array of Scrip retailers, go to and click “Shop” on the menu bar.)

Families will receive credit for their 2016-2017 fundraising obligation for all Scrip orders placed from March 1, 2017 through February 28, 2018.  Orders received after February 28th will be credited towards your 2018-2019 fundraising obligation.

Please note the following information about how Scrip credit is applied to a family’s FFO commitment, and may also earn tuition credit for the following year.

Scrip is the last fundraising amount applied to your FFO calculation in March, after all other fundraising credits (gift wrap, DDA donated item sales, etc.) have been applied. Scrip is the only fundraiser that allows you to earn FFO credit for the current year, and possibly tuition credit for the next.  After all other fundraising credits are applied to your obligation, Scrip is then applied.  Any remaining unused Scrip rebate will then be divided in half, with 50% of the remaining amount going to the family’s tuition credit for the following year (2018-2019 school year), and 50% of the remaining amount going to the school operating budget.

4. FACTS Payment

Upon request of the family, we will arrange for payment of the FFO balance with a single charge to their FACTS account, any time up to the April 9, 2018 deadline.

All Family Fundraising Obligation balances are due in full by Monday, April 9, 2018.  Balances unpaid after April 9th will convert to Tuition, by school policy, and will be collected at that time via direct payment or FACTS Tuition Payment Agreement.


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