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Wednesday, May 18, 2022


  • The heart of Christian teaching is the Paschal mystery, the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
  • The church year and the lectionary tell the story of the Paschal mystery. They both provide structure and accessibility in the faith formation process. It is available and in order. We cannot ask for a better source.
  • Lectionary-enhanced catechesis illuminates Sunday worship.


  • When we study the Sunday readings, we are able to fully participate in Sunday worship. We listen better, sing better, and respond better with each new understanding.
  • Parents and children can discuss the Word because they have all "heard" it at their own developmental level. Children and adults who "break open the Word" after hearing it proclaimed, listen more attentively to the proclamation, participate more in the liturgy and leave with new insight and vision from their own thoughts as well as the insight of those with whom they share.
  • The seasons, colors, traditions, rites, and scriptures are all interconnected. This is not all happenstance. There is a plan. The environment, the vestments, the music, the readings, and the homily are all carefully orchestrated in order to enhance the experience as the Word is proclaimed.
  • Lectionary-catechesis enables our students from multiple parish families to study together and share a common, unifying experience.
  • All children feel a greater connection to the community when they know they are participating and learning together with their parents and family members.
  • The traditions of our faith like the Stations of the Cross, May Crowning, and praying the Rosary will continue to be included in this curriculum.
  • Catechesis

    Preach the gospel everyday; if necessary, use words. -St. Francis of Assisi


    Catechesis integrates the Catechism of our church for young people with the ongoing life of the parish community through Sunday Eucharist. The curriculum builds on the foundation of the Catechism and the Sunday Gospels. It is a comprehensive instruction in doctrine, sacraments, the commandments of the old and new law, and prayer – the four pillars of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

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